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Legion Possessed[edit]

"My name is Legion: for we are many."

This template is for all creatures possessed by the ancient demon, Legion. Legion is not a single demon, but rather many demons with the same mind. All creatures within a 90 ft radius possessed by Legion are telepathically and metaphysically linked.

Creating a Legion Possessed[edit]

All creatures can acquire this template with exception of creatures with Good subtype. Any creature with less than 4 Intelligence can be possessed by Legion if Legion so chooses. Creatures above this intelligence must be exposed to Legion for seven days, this can range from simply hearing a story to being tainted by prolonged exposure to the Evil Plane.

Size and Type[edit]

Size remains unchanged. Creature gains Evil subtype.

Hit Dice[edit]

Same as base creature.


Same as base creature.

Armor Class[edit]

Same as base creature.


All weapons and natural weapons are considered Evil for purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Otherwise unchanged.

Full Attack[edit]

See above.

Special Attacks[edit]

Same as base creature.

Special Qualities[edit]

Telepathically Linked (Su): All Legion Possessed creatures within 90 ft of another Legion Possessed creature share the same consciousness for purposes of all opposed skill checks relating to the mind and five senses. Any opposed skill check that would affect only one creature, affects all creatures. However, the creature may reroll any such opposed skill check and take the highest result. Any creature directly immune to the effects of the skill cannot be telepathically affected as well. A Legion Possessed creature is never caught flat-foot unless all Legion Possessed creatures are caught flat-foot.

Metaphysically Linked (Su): All Legion Possessed creatures pool their hit points together as if having cast Shield Other with a 90 ft radius.


Same as base creature.


Same as base creature.


Same as base creature.


Any. Including areas that would be otherwise dangerous for the base creature.


Any variety of creatures may band together, possessed by Legion, in multiples of three per CR group. For example, 9 Wolves, 3 Ogres, and 12 Half-Elf Zombies.

Challenge Rating[edit]

The creature's individual CR does not change, rather the number of equivalent creatures increases +1 per every three equivalent CR creatures. For example, 9 Legion Possessed Goblins are the same CR as 12 regular Goblins.


Same as base creature.


Alignment becomes Lawful Evil.


Same as base creature.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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