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Law Bringer[edit]

You are an enforcer of the law. In some way or another, you enforce the rule of law. Perhaps you are a judge and magistrate who is well learned in the written tomes of judicial conduct. You could also be the muscle arm of the law, like an officiate of the local police force, perhaps a bailiff or something of that nature, meant to enforce the law not by word and rule, but by stick.

How did you get this position? Was your appointment nepotistic or did you truly work for your yield? How did you enforce the rules during your tenure? Did you perhaps rule with an iron fist and a stringent originalist reading? Or maybe you were more fair and considerate of wretched souls at the stand. How did you get along with others in your area of profession? Were you seen as an upstanding paragon or reviled as a rebel against the system?

Now that you are on the road, the court is behind you. But you still carry its teachings in your mind. Perhaps you still casually keep up with the new laws of the land. This knowledge can be used to your journey to better smooth over disputes you may have with others. Do you use your knowledge and lord it over others as a power?

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, History

Languages: One of your Choice

Equipment: An official seal of the law of the land, a set of fine clothes with the colors of the nation where you are certified, an inkwell with a bundle of papers and several quills, and a belt pouch including 20gp.

Specialization: Field of Law[edit]

You've spent all your life wanting to fork in the field of law. What did you become?

d4 Specialization
1 Bailiff
2 Police Officiate
3 Judge
4 Attorney General

Feature: Legal Knowledge[edit]

As a bringer of law, you are well acquainted to the precedents and passages of laws written in books. Most common people do not have this knowledge, and so you are better able to navigate the mazes of bureaucratic rules and law in the land. Now that you are adventuring, you can use this complex knowledge to spout legal jargon to intimidate and scare common folk into doing what you desire.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

You are not a billboard character who just adheres to the law all the time. Even impartial judges are imperfect in the end.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I will always help someone who needs defending.
2 I never lose. I have a 10 year prefect streak.
3 All who oppose me in the court of law crumble to my feet.
4 I always keep notes for others to look at.
5 Evidence is everything, pal! I bring it to court for others to have a look at.
6 I may be a strict Law Bringer, but I'm always willing to help!
7 I'm the only serious one in my friend group of idiots.
8 I will always escort those who need escorting.
d6 Ideal
1 Truth. I'll always help people so they can be proven innocent for them being framed. (Lawful)
2 Perfection. Everything must be perfect, perfect, perfect! (Chaotic)
3 Guilt. Everyone who is charged and sent to court will lose against me. (Evil)
4 Justice. I will never give up for those in need! (Good)
5 Logic. I have no ideals. The only thing I need is logic and the way to truth. (Neutral)
6 Belief. I believe in what's right. And that's that. (Any)
d6 Bond
1 The person who killed my friends was proven innocent and is still out there. I must prove him guilty.
2 I was once framed for murder, and was proven guilty. Now I serve time and defeat crime.
3 All my friends were Law Bringers, so I wanted to be like them too!
4 The law is absolute! And I will keep it that way!
5 I've always looked up to a successful Law Bringer and hope to work with or for him someday.
6 I will prove everyone's guilt in the court of law.
d6 Flaw
1 I tend to shout a lot, and it gets on people's nerves.
2 People say I'm too crazy to be a Law Bringer. They... may be right.
3 I will do anything to keep my perfect streak going!
4 Sometimes my logic isn't correct.
5 I'm forgetful sometimes and leave out a thing or two in my statements.
6 I've been known to bribe people to get my way.

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