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Size/Type: Medium Construct (Cloth, Humanoid)
Hit Dice: 1d10 (6 hp)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 40 ft
Armor Class: 15, touch 13, flat-footed 10
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+3
Attack: 1d4 slam
Full Attack: n/a
Space/Reach: Normally 5 ft./normally 5ft.
Special Attacks: Modified: Entangle, extend, Weapon Proficiency, Spell Bearing, Colored Rope
Special Qualities: Armor Eating, Improved hide/disguise, Size Change, Electric Charge, Fire Vulnerability, Equipment Limitations Modified: Improved Acrobatics, Vocal Powers, Sentience, Glide, Maneuver, Added Pockets
Saves: Fort 1, Ref 3, Will 2
Abilities: Str 11, Dex 17, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 15, Cha 17
Skills: Tumble +3, Appraise+3 (situational), Jump +2, Bluff+2
Environment: any, usually found in cities or castles
Organization: solitary, team (3-4), squad(7-10), crew(15-30), or batallion (50-100)
Challenge Rating: 1, unless modified
Treasure: 1/2 regular, extra if ingested armor
Alignment: that of its creator, any if sentient
Advancement: see below
Level Adjustment: Varies (see below), starts with 0
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More information...

You see a strange figure before you. He is clad in silk robes and black pants, with black leather boots. He is wearing gloves, and a mask and hood cover the majority of his face. You can only make out a pair of red, glowing eyes. The figure seems cheery.

Created by wizards who desire a more agile and practical version of golems, Lappens are beings made of silk and cloth, crafted for use as combatants, minions, research assistants, and even familiars.


A lappen will tend to not fight, preferring to outwit and outrun its opponents rather than actually engage in combat. If ordered to fight or cornered by an opponent, it will fight reasonably, well, using whatever tactics it either prefers or thinks most useful. A Lappen will always fight to protect its master if it is loyal.

Armor eating: A lappen can integrate any leather or cloth armor into himself. He gains added hit points equivalent to half of the hit points of the armor added to his current HP. If he exceeds his total HP, he may gain up to five HP above his total max HP level by this method. This bonus HP does not stack with anything else.

Improved Hide/Disguise: A lappen gains +5 to any hide or disguise checks involving pretending to be a human, or pretending to be a pile of clothing on the ground. A lappen also gains a +2 bonus to hiding behind unusual shaped objects that would be a problem for most other creatures, due to their flexible nature. Due to its flexible nature, a Lappen can fit in places where normally only small creatures can fit, with no difficulty moving.

Size Change: At will, a Lappen can change size as a standard action. This only has the following effects:

Small Lappens get a +1 AC dodge bonus, and a +2 to their slam attack due to being denser.

An enlarged lappen gains a +1 size modifier to grapples, and a +3 to jump and climb Checks.

Electric Charge:: Any time a Lappen is attacked with electricity, the attacker/caster must roll percentage:

Roll Result
1-25 Attack functions normally.
26-50 The attack is canceled.
50-75 The attack is stored as a charge. The "Charge" in the Lappen's body is equal to one third the damage that would normally be delivered by the attack rolled. It is released automatically on the next successful physical contact a Lappen makes with a living thing, even if it's not an intended target. A Lappen does not know it is charged, it does not feel anything.
75-96 The Lappen is statically charged, and is attracted to all opposite charges in the room. Any one wielding weapons of stone or amber (or other statically reactive non-metals at the DM's discretion) gets' a =2 bonus to hit the Lappen. Anyone striking the Lappen with a me less weapon or touch attack must make a fortitude save, DC 2+ the caster level of the spell or hit dice of the person who made the electrical attack, or be stunned for one d2 rounds. Lappesn may also get stuck to tapestries, floors, or other Lappens when this charge is released.
97-100 The Lappen becomes super-charged, and may make use of one attack with the "Call lightning" spell. Damage is equal to a normal call lightning spell, and the caster level is equal to the total hit dice of the Lappen.

Vulnerability to Fire: All Lappens take double damage from fire damage.

Equipment Limitations: A lappen cannot wield shields. All light armor is automatically eaten. Medium and heavy armor, or any metal or wooden armor (including magical armor that behaves as light armor with a weight of cloth) cannot be used.

Limited Construct Traits:[edit]

  • Normal vision: Lappens have gem-like eyes that see about as well as an average human's.
  • Constitution score: Lappens have organ-like structures, but they are fairly complicated.
  • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms and patterns).
  • If Sentient, they lose their immunity to fear and morale effects.
  • Immunity to poison, non-magical disease, and necromancy effects.
  • Cannot heal damage on their own, but can be repaired with repair spells (CA) or through the use of the craft construct feat or craft: tailoring skill.
  • Not subject to fatigue.
  • Not at risk of death from massive damage.
  • Immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less.
  • Since it was never alive, a construct cannot be raised or resurrected. If it was given sentience, the spirit of the lappen can be put into a new body, provided the gem was not destroyed.
  • Lappens do not eat. They do sleep and Breathe, however.


A Wizard may install the modifications on a Lappen, either during or after construction. The cost of each is modified. and increase in Cr is noted for those modifiers that matter. The feat "Craft Construct" is required to add modifications. The spells and experiecne are required. The caster level for modifcation is any, but the the base DC is 20+5 for every level under the level required for construction.

Hit Dice[edit]

A Mage may add hit dice to a Lappen, 1d5 at a time.

  • Spell: Bear's endurance
  • Added Cost: 500gp & 400 XP per hit die
  • Materials: One silk ribbon per hit die
  • Special: each hit die adds 1/2 to the CR rating.

A Lappen may use it's flexible limbs to initiate a grapple as a free action.

  • Spell: Animate rope
  • Cost: 350 gp, 200 XP
  • Materials: one rope

A Lappen can stretch it's limbs to increase it's attack range. This may be done twice. The first upgrade extends reach to 10 ft., the second to 15 ft.

  • Spell:
  • Cost: 400 XP for the first up grade
  • Materials:
  • Special: both extends are worth +1 on the CR scale. they are each worth 1 and 1/2 if the Lappen also has the "Entangle" modification.
Weapon Proficiency[edit]

A mage may give either four simple, two martial, or one exotic weapon proficiency to their Lappen. These proficiencies are no different than normal proficiencies. A Lappen may not be given proficiencies with shields, even as a weapon.

  • Spell: Magic weapon
  • Cost: 600 gp, 500Xp
  • Materials: The weapons begin given proficiency in, which are permanently absorbed into the Lappen, and are destroyed. The Lappen must find his own weapons to actually wield afterwards.
  • Special: The CR increase 1 or 2 for certain exotic weapons.
Spell Bearing[edit]

If a Lappen has this feat, he may devour magical properties from the armor eating feat. If the magical effect is not usable by the Lappen, then the spell is destroyed. He may only devour one spell at a time. If there is an offensive spell in the item (a leather gauntlet that allows you to cast burning hands, for example), than the Lappen may use that spell once. A Lappen may not devour a spell of higher level than its total hit dice.

  • Spell: Mord's Lucubration
  • Cost: 2200 gp, 1800Xp
  • Materials: Two rings of spell storing, both of which are crushed into a liquid and poured the Lappen's mouth.
  • Special: The CR increases by 1. The Cr also increases by 1/2 for every hit die it has with this feat. A lappen may not take this feat as a PC.
Colored Rope[edit]

A Lappen may pull out a rope made of colored handkerchiefs tied together as a free action. A Lappen may use this as a rope with +6 to all use rope checks, and as a standard whip for attacking. Instead of normal damage for a whip, it does 1d2 non-lethal damage. If the Lappen has a whip proficiency, then this gives it a 1d4, with the ability to choose either lethal or non-lethal damage.

  • Spell: Animate rope, Greater Magic Weapon
  • Cost: 800 gp, 600Xp
  • Materials: Twenty silk handkerchiefs, of varying colors.
  • Special: The Cr increases by 1, and gains one more if the Lappen has a proficiency with a whip.

Improved Acrobatics, Vocal Powers, Sentience, Glide, Maneuver, Added Pockets

Improved Acrobatics[edit]

A Lappen gains +2 to all tumble, jump, perform (acrobatics), and perform (dance) checks, and gains +1 to its reflex save.

  • Spell: Cat's Grace
  • Cost: 800 gp, 600Xp
  • Materials: Twenty silk handkerchiefs, or varying colors.
  • Special: The Cr increases by 1, and gains one more if the Lappen has a proficiency with a whip.
Vocal Powers[edit]

A Lappen is mute by default, but gains a voice via this modifcation. This allows to cast spells with verbal components, as well as use its voice in any matter. The voice can be changed almost at will by the lappen, from booming loud male to soft quiet female.

  • Spell: Ventriloquism, Ghost sound
  • Cost: 200 gp, 300Xp
  • Materials: Two small jingling bells, attached by an elastic string. These cost around 30 gp, and can only be found in large enough towns for there to be an instrument maker. They require a craft (metalworking) DC 35, or a craft (instrument) DC 20.
  • Special: No CR increase. If the Lappen is in a primary spell-casting class, the CR goes down by 1 if it lacks this feat.

A mage may give a Lappen sentience. This allows it to freely think for itself. It may or not remain loyal to its master, depending on it memories of life with its master prior to its awakening. It may now take class levels, and automatically gains skill points as follows: +2 to all Appraise, Craft and Profession checks related to cloth. If the Lappen was a familiar, then he is now considered an NPC cohort.

  • Spell: Freedom
  • Cost: 21000 gp, 2000Xp
  • Materials: A Gem worth at least 700 gp to contain the "soul" of the Lappen.
  • Special: The Cr does not increase. A Lappen given sentience is slightly more out-of-control, and does not suffer from tactical problems when not in the presence of its master.

A Lappen may add on light flaps below his arms, allowing him to float downward as opposed to actually falling and taking hard damage. He is as prone to wind attacks as a small flying creature for the duration of the drop, which is floating down at 10 ft./round.

  • Spell: Feather Fall, Cat's Grace
  • Cost: 300 gp, 250Xp
  • Materials: Two large silk sashes, one to mount as flaps from either arm.
  • Special: The Cr increases by 1.

A Lappen may learn to maneuver better. This allows him control of direction while gliding, and allows him to make a tumble chck to avoid wind effects or use them to his own benefit. He gains a situational bonus of +2 to any such checks.

  • Spells: Fly, Levitate
  • Cost: 800 gp, 600Xp
  • Materials: None.
  • Special: The Cr increases by 1.

Added Pockets[edit]

A Lappen may have added magical pockets, allowing him to store objects at half weight. each pocket may hold up to thirty lbs prior to entering the pocket. He may have up to 8 pockets.

  • Spells: Shrink Item, Prestidigitation
  • Cost: 300 gp, 500Xp
  • Materials: One spool of silken thread to sew the pocket.
  • Special: The Cr increases by 1 per pocket. After the fourth pocket, it increases by 2 per pocket.


A Lappen's body is made from a pair of gems worth at least 400 each for the eyes, thirty pounds of fresh, clean fabric, twelve spools of thread, and one garment of pure silk, at least two square yards in area. The body is a DC 30 craft (clothing), DC 25 Craft (light armor), or DC 25 profession (tailor) to make. The materials, and other mystical compoenents (admixtures and special dyes for the cloth to soak in) cost in the neighborhood of 450 gp, not counting the gems. Constructing them with modified feats adds the cost fo the feat. It takes 400 XP to create a Lappen.

Spells: Animate object, Prestidigitation, Unseen servant.

Lappen Familiars[edit]

A Lappen may be gained as a familiar at level five. If a Lappen is given sentience, it changes from a familiar to an NPC cohort.

Lappens as characters[edit]


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