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A broken crossbow bolt overlaying a grey or black shield.

Domains: Tyranny, War
Warpriest Domain: Storm
Channel Divinity Feat: Toil of Laduguer

Laduguer is the god of domination, hardship, hatred of dwarves, servitude, and toil. He is worshiped primarily by the duergar, but also by those who believe in progress and military might at the expense of all else, including justice and personal freedom.

He claims to have freed the duergar (and the dwarves) from the bondage of the giants, only to enslave them in his own form of servitude. He claims that the dwarves betrayed him, and urges his duergar to kill all dwarves on sight. Laduguer's tenets are as follows:

  • Never allow the blood of the duergar to be tainted. Fight to the death against all outsiders, especially dwarves, and place your loyalties firmly within the duergar society.
  • Follow the command of your superiors, but only so long as they can maintain control over you. If they show weakness or lack in ability, it is your duty to overthrow them and assume their station as your own.
  • Those who survive are those who are willing to sacrifice the most to accomplish their goals. Spare no expense to attain progress and let nothing stand in the way of your power. Anything that holds you back should be expunged.

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