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Krôn is the land of Kaol, Draenic Prince of struggle. There is a huge, seemingly unnatural mountain near the southern border of this hard tundra land that the native Krônians refer to as Kaol; according to them, it is the Prince's home on the Material plane, from which he can watch the toils of his chosen people. The Krônians themselves are a gloomy lot of tall, dark barbarians. They are organized into over 120 clans of 30-100 members, and are scattered throughout the harsh land, scraping together a survival as best as they can. Clan leaders are chosen based on whomever is strongest in the clan to influence the rest of the clan members. If someone seeks to challenge the current clan leader, then so be it, but it will most frequently boil down to combat to the death. For this reason, clan leaders are almost invariably the fiercest warriors in their clan; the best leaders are also wise, or know whom to seek for council. Every clan has a council, which is made up of all proven adults. It is their job to provide insight to the clan leader, who will make a decision that is hopefully to the benefit of as many clan members as possible.

Clans in the far south commonly ride horseback and hunt wild cattle with spears. They often raid into the northern reaches of Atralonia during especially harsh winters, taking food from the villages and retreating back into their lands, slaughtering anyone who gets in the way. To the west, clans predominately carry maces and axes, and live mostly as foragers and small farmers of chicken or goats in the dark forests of the Needledeep. These clans are almost constantly engaged in combat with monstrous races from the Feral Mountains, and live a sorrowful life of struggle and loss. To the north, clans roam almost exclusively as big game hunters and gatherers. These clans mine ore from mountain caves and are renowned in legend for their skill at forging blades of all kinds. They wield swords and arrows against bears, giants, and monsters from the frozen wastes.

There is no clear unity between the clans. In years of plenty they may trade between themselves--offering the easy meat from cattle in exchange for high-quality weapons, for instance--but sometimes even small affronts can result in bloody inter-clan battles. In times of great trouble, the clan leaders meet in the Ring of Chiefs next to the convergence of the Crystalrun and Needledeep rivers to discuss temporary alliance. These days, almost all of the clan leaders end up appointing Gwydd, leader of the Orckiller clan, as temporary High Chief. His clan lives far to the west, and is in engaged in combat most frequently and most desperately.

In the south of Krôn lie the ruins of Ultonis, an Atralonian settlement constructed in 4e 96 as an outpost for deeper expansion. Before the settlement was completed the combined might of the Krônian hordes descended on Ultonis, murdering almost everyone inside after only a two day siege. Those Atralonians that escaped were pursued as they fled south, and only one, a scribe named Allian Hanotepelus, survived to tell the tale of slaughter. Atralonia began assembling an army to retaliate, but Krônians surged across their Northern borders, annihilating the army before it could muster its full strength at the Battle of the Alessian Highlands. Since then Atralonia has maintained a strict nonincursion policy with Krôn; the Empire tries to defend its frontier cities and villages from Krônian raids, but will not under any circumstances cross the Krônian border in force. With that in mind, Krônians are suspicious and terse but tolerant of foreigners in small numbers. Southern Krônian tribes have even been known to trade weapons in exchange for food goods.

Heraldry: Krônians have no civilized socio-political structure, and therefore have no need of heraldry. Rather, they organize themselves into distinct clans, though each individual clan still displays no banner or symbol.

Selected Clans:

  • Orckiller
  • Rillfisher
  • Bearhunter
  • Plainsrider
  • Storm
  • Windcaller
  • Cavedelver
  • Snowhome
  • Treeshadow
  • Cougar

  • Imports: Food goods
  • Exports: Weapons

Classes (Common)

  • Barbarian: Krônians may be subdued in their daily lives due to the harshness of their environment, but make no mistake that Krônians are numbered among the fiercest combatants in history, especially when defending their lands or loves ones. A Krônian barbarian is an awesome sight to behold.

Classes (Uncommon)

  • Rogue: Anything other than plain, honest dealing will get you killed in Krôn if you're not extremely good or extremely lucky. That said, some Krônians simply don't have an affinity for head-on combat. It may be because they're specialty lies in ranged hunting, or maybe they lack the constitution to take punishment like their brethren. The Rogue is an excellent substitute for these individuals.
  • Oracle: An Oracle is not a common sight anywhere in Aina, nevertheless it is mysteriously more prominent in Krôn than in most other regions. Perhaps it is their quiet determination in the face of Kaol, or some residua left in their bloodline, but Oracles occur more frequently--and often more powerfully--in Krôn than elsewhere. Unfortunately for them, Krônians are a superstitious lot, and often shun Oracles from the clan.
  • Witch: Even rarer and even more reviled than the Krônian Oracle is the Krônian Witch. These individuals are often filled with malice, and are sometimes actively hunted by Krônian clans.

Classes (Rare)

  • Druid: Magic is not something taken kindly or seriously by Krônians. It is considered evil and a sign of weakness to seek power outside what can be accomplished by one's own hands. With this in mind, Druids can be a productive part of a clan, providing food in lean times or support and protection in battle.
  • Fighter: The overwhelming majority of Krônian warriors prefer the reckless bloodlust of barbarism, but still some Krônians are more skilled fighters. In this case, it is invariably not the result of structured training, and more the result of natural insight and practice.
  • Ranger: Like the Druid, Krônians are suspicious of Rangers, even if they understand their usefulness better. A Ranger can be invaluable when tracking prey or trailing a roving band of monsters, and their spells can aid combat immensely. Krônian rangers are perhaps the most likely to wander out of the lands of Kaol into the wide world.

Classes (Restricted) - For fairly obvious reasons ranging from impracticality to disdain, there are no traditions of the following kinds in the land of Krôn.

  • Alchemist
  • Bard
  • Cavalier
  • Cleric
  • Inquisitor
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Sorceror
  • Summoner
  • Wizard

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