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Kostchtchie: The Prince of Wrath[edit]

Deformed demon-giant and revered patron of evil frost giants, who rules the frozen and polluted reaches of the 23rd abyssal layer.

  • Level: 2
  • Binding DC: 20
  • Special requirement: Must speak Giant


More so then any other demon lord Kotchtchie revels in the frenzy of combat and wrath he spews. So much so that he often forgoes the use of powers and other profitable tactics. Even so his ruinous temperament his granted him repute amongst other demon lords who leave him to rule his domain with little interference. Given time to prepare he rides in to battle on his favorite mount a white wyrm named Syafnir with his signature warhammer at the ready.

He despises the fact that there are still tribes of frost giants who do not worship him and often plots to make an example of tribes who choose to worship other patrons and deities.


Kotchtchie appears a smaller version of his true self, a deformed demonic frost giant, upon a seal, which is covered in snow. You can feel the cold fill the air as he grumbles in deep base ladened giant.


Your body is wrapped in a layer of supernatural cold that can be felt by others a few inches off of your physical self and causes your breath to show as though you were in freezing weather, this however causes you no discomfort.


Kostchtchie leads one to become hot headed and domineering. Kostchtchie forbids one from using the retreat action or any other form of retreat while have current HP of more then half his max.

Granted abilities[edit]

Hammer familiarity[edit]

You gain proficiency in Warhammers, or if you are already proficient with Warhammer the feat, Weapon focus (for Warhammers).

Frozen Wastelander[edit]

This ability provides protection form cold in a manner that is similar to an endure elements effect, allowing you to exist comfortably in conditions as low as –50 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves. Your equipment is likewise protected. In addition you gain the benefits of endurance feat in cold environments and your movement speed is unhindered by snow cover.


You gain one daily use of the rage ability (as described for the Barbarian), plus one addition use per 6 ECL. This ability is augmented to function as the greater rage ability at ECL 17.

Heavy Impact[edit]

Whenever you successfully deal critical damage with a two handed bludgeoning weapon your foe becomes staggered for 1 round (fort negates).

Uses and adaptations[edit]

Kotchtchie is an excellent choice for binder who wants combat focus as you receive a weapon proficiency as well as the powerful rage ability.

This pact can be easily adapted as an alternative for the Mother of Giants vestige.

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