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Knights are brave warriors, sworn to serve their monarch, lord, or even senior knight. Hardened through intense training, knights are not only skilled with their weapon, it is as if the weapon is part of the knight himself. They can make use of nearly any weapon and all armor, giving them a wide repute in combat.

Despite their bravery, they are not too proud as to make a tactical retreat if odds are against them. However, should innocent lives be at stake or if their master's ideals are just, a knight would gladly die for that cause. Although most knights are good or neutral, some knights may serve an evil rule. However, they are still lawful and will not slay without good reason.

They are bound by their monarch's word and must obey them. If not, they are stripped of knighthood in name, but not in past training. They may still receive training, but many High Knights will refuse to train a disgraced knight.


  • Alignment: Any Lawful.
  • Strength: 15
  • Constitution: 15
  • Wisdom: 15
  • Charisma: 15
  • Dice used for Hit Points: d10

Weapon Proficiency[edit]

  • Daggers
  • All Swords
  • Maces
  • Hammers
  • Axes
  • Spears
  • Poleaxe
  • All Crossbows
  • All Bows

Armor Proficiency[edit]

  • All Shields
  • All Armor

Class Skills[edit]

  • Shield Bash: (Hits the opponent, brutally, with their shield. d4 for small shield, d6 for medium, d8 for large shield, d10 for spiked and applies shield's magical plus. If hit 2 above needed, enemy is staggered, losing Dex bonus for that round and takes -1 to AC. If 3 above, enemy staggered, -2 to AC and dizzied, unable to cast spells and -1 to hit for 2 turns. If 4 above, Dizzy with -3 to AC, Dazed with -2 to hit for 2 turns, and must save against disarm. If 5 or up, the enemy is knocked out instantly. Enemy cannot be a size category above you, and for each size category below you, you need one less to hit for effect to take place. You must have a shield equipped in order to use this ability.) ONCE A DAY every 2nd level gained.
  • Cavalry's Charge: (Knight charges enemies with heroic ambition, moving twice their movement speed. Enemies must roll a saving throw or take a -1 to AC for the attack by the Knight. Loses additional AC for every 5th level the Knight goes up (i.e. 1st = -1, 5th = -2, 10th = -3, etc.). If equiped with a Spear or Poleaxe, the Knight also gets a +1 to damage but only if they attack the same targe they charged. Additional Damage is granted on every 3rd level (i.e. 1st = +1, 3rd = +2, 6th = +3, etc.). Can combine with Shield Bash skill, but with a +1 to hit every 3rd level). ONCE A DAY every 2nd level gained.
  • Intense Training: Learned at 2nd level. (+1 to hit every 3rd level. Must devote at least 3 days each week to train or lose the bonus for the week. Passive).
  • Valiant Defender: Learned at 3rd level. (When an ally is about to take a hit, you may take the hit instead. You receive +1 every 5th level, starting at 5th, to AC if you have a shield. However, without one, you will have to absorb the blow with your body, recklessness results in -1 to AC. Path to ally cannot be obstructed and it must be within half your movement distance). ONCE A DAY every 3rd level gained.

Weapon Specialist[edit]

Learned at 3rd Level (The Knight will receive bonuses based on the weapon used. Must dedicate a week to each said type of weapon in order to obtain the effect. After doing so, you will have Specialized at the weapon and from then on, retain the bonus. Able to specialize in Multiple weapons, Passive).

  • Sword: +1 to hit every 3rd level, Severing Blow (On a natural 20, the knight's attack will be so strong and accurate, it will sever whatever it hits. Roll d6 to see what is hit: 1 head (instant death), 2 right arm, 3 left arm, 4 chest (massive bleeding, -2 to Con.), 5 right leg, 6 left leg. Will not work on very hard targets like stone golems or very large targets. Bleeding may not affect undead.)
  • Spear: +1 to hit every 3rd level, extra +1 for Cavalry Charge Damage.
  • Poleaxe: +1 to hit and damage every 4th level.
  • Axe: +1 to damage every 2nd level.
  • Mace: +1 to damage every 3rd level. +5% stun every 5th level.
  • Bow/Crossbow: +1 to hit every 3rd level, deep shot (on a natural 20, the shot fired from the weapon is so accurate, that it will pierce a vital area. Roll d6 to see what is hit: 1 head (instant death), 2 right arm (disarm), 3 left arm (disarm), 4 chest (reroll to hit. If hit, Instant death. If not, -2 to Con.), 5 right leg, 6 left leg.
  • Hammer: +5% chance to Stun enemy on hit every 3rd level.

Weapon Mastery[edit]

  • Requirement: Specialize in all weapons.

Through intense training, you have mastered the use of all weapons of your knowledge. You are now able to FREELY switch between your weapons in combat without using an action.

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