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Cunning fox spirits sent out to keep order and chaos wherever they want it to be.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 3'9"-4'7"
Average Weight: 76-90 lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, +2 Constitution or Intelligence
Size: Small
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Bluff, +2 Diplomacy
Fey Friend: You get a +5 racial bonus to bluff and diplomacy checks when interacting with fey creatures.
Hitodama's Lifeforce: When you reach 0 hit points, your spirit leaves your body in the form of a hitodama (fireball ghost). As a hitodama, you cannot move any farther than one space away from your unconscious body, and can only be seen and heard by those you choose to be seen and heard by within 5 feet of you. Even in your hitodama form, you can communicate with other creatures and can roll perception and insight checks, but cannot attack or use other powers.
Kitsune's Death Saver: You have resistance to radiant damage equal to 5 + half your level.
Harbored Annoyance: You can use Tsuku's Guise as an encounter power.

Tsuku's Guise Kitsune Racial Power
You send forth a spirit of annoyance, causing a very aggravating effect to fall upon a foe.
Encounter Star.gif Divine
Standard Action Ranged 15
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma Vs. Will
Hit: The target takes 2d6 + Charisma modifier psychic damage. Until the end of their next turn they suffer -2 to attack rolls.

Astonishingly the more overlooked cousin of their relatives the tanuki (dog/raccoon spirits), kitsune are a diverse lot. They are often noble in nature, but rowdy elsewhere. They are masters of the spirit world, and can be kind and diplomatic, kind of diplomatic, or all out wily and treacherous. They are very seldom stupid, however, and even the smartest of other races can't always outwit a smart-aleck kitsune. For that reason, kitsunes are regarded by some groups as being one of the most dangerous things to meet face to face. That assumption is often untrue, though sometimes not.

Play a kitsune if you want...

  • To have a lot of strange abilities begging to find multiple uses for.
  • To be able to communicate with both the living and the dead with a large array of spiritual knowledge.
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Druid, Sorcerer, and Wizard classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

To sum things up, Kitsune are basically fox spirits who stand on their hind legs and wear clothes, although there are tons of variations within this theme. Many from the southern countries are a stark red and white, while those from the far north are usually a glistening silver. Others, each unique to its region, may be a dark gray (more akin to its more feared relative, the wolf), even to shades of slight green or blue. Sometimes they stand on all fours to fool humans. One way to tell a fox is a kitsune is to observe their ageless nature.

There is also tons of variation on the length of fur, both on the body and tail. This feature is usually more unique to the individual kitsune and not necessarily the native region it came from, however. Eye colors of kitsune are often bright, glowing shades of blue, red, yellow, or green.

Playing a Kitsune[edit]

Oh, how the days have gone by. Luckily, time does not give me chagrin.

Knowing when and where to pull off random stunts is a favorite pastime of the kitsune. Many a wayfarer has wandered into a seemingly empty patch of forest, then to suddenly find themselves in the middle of a "show of kitsunes", i.e. a kitsune gathering. Often hiding so well as not to be detected, these maniacal fox spirits will suddenly surround and surprise the wayfarer, though very seldom harm them physically.

More often, these "shows" are just to trick the traveler out of his or her money or other trinkets, even simple, inexpensive items of clothing (hats, gloves, etc.) or household objects. The kitsunes then usually distribute this "loot" among the other creatures of the forest. Others, who honor the goddess Kyubi-no-kitsune (nine-tailed fox), bury the stolen money or trinkets and then meditate until Kyubi herself comes by to pick them up. She never fails to claim these gifts of gold, silver, or other inexpensive wares.

Although these types of things are common among the kitsune, many are also very honorable beings, set to the more strict protocols of their society. They honor and keep peace with the elderly, and are sometimes forbidden to speak to the elderly unless spoken to first. It is also sometimes forbidden to speak rudely to those much older than them. Other such rules include keeping quiet in places deemed spiritual, such as churches, graveyards, and of course the house of an emperor or king. Kitsunes are also very keen on bowing.

Although many kitsunes follow these more strict rules of their society, that does not mean these same ones don't have their fun in telling lies or pranking others, a regular (and natural) thing for most of them, no matter their upbringing. Most often it is the extent of their lies that deems a kitsune good or evil. Good ones will often tell harmless, inconsequential fibs from time to time. No harm is truly done to anyone, and the kitsune has its fun. But truly evil kitsunes learn to say more malicious things, lies that will inevitably leave others hurt. Sometimes this is done out of revenge, other times, as random acts of hatred. The worst thing a kitsune could do, however, is to ambush and physically hurt someone deemed purely innocent and entirely defenseless by kitsune society, such as a ninety-year old human farmer who never dealt a bit of harm to anyone before in his life. If such an act has been proven to have been perpetrated by a kitsune, then he or she will inevitably be deemed an evil outcasts and will be kicked out of the honorable kitsune society for good.

Kitsune Characteristics: Cunning, wise, honorable, witty, smart-mouthed, tricky, respectful.

Male Names: Aly, Adaighey, Groucho, Marin, Raiko, Yfettzes, Zemp

Female Names: Alyian, Bakeobako, Hannya, Hildda, Jorogummo, Onna-kitsune, Yuki

Kitsune Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Kitsune adventurers are described below.

Bakeobako is not happy with life, a fox with no fix and a dog with no dig. Then, worse news comes to her one day: A demon by the title 'Matterewn' visits her house. He tells Bakeobako that he has decided to steal her soul, but it won't be until the same day and time next year. That should be plenty of time for Bakeobako to prepare, but only if she has the help of an adventuring party. Otherwise, the wickedly strong 'Matterewn' will more than easily claim Bakeobako as his next victim.

Groucho was the lowly servant to a ruthless king named Intellicharr. He was commanded to do dozens of errands for the king each day, or else Intlellicharr would have him tortured. Thus, life was not good at all for Groucho, but after a particularly difficult day of tasks, he decided to get revenge on the king. Groucho would escape from the kingdom and learn how to fight, in hopes that he would be crowned the new king one day after getting rid of Intellichar for good.

Adaighey is one mean kitsune. To prove it, you should have seen what his teeth did to his girlfriends arm after a particularly harsh argument. She still has visible scars from where he bit her to this day. Luckily for his girlfriend, she was able to sue him for all he's worth, and as punishment, Adaighey was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but heaven knows he doesn't plan on staying there for that long...

Kitsune Feats[edit]

Heroic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Paragon Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Epic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Surprise Vengeance Just before you are about to fall unconscious, you give up some of your life force to send forth a burst of radiant energy.

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