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Kitsune Elf[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Kitsune-Elf are able to retain physical features from both of their parents, like skin or hair colour, although certain dominant characteristic are obvious. Most prominent are the tail and the fox ears that replace the human ears. Those features come in many colours and sizes found in foxes from different ecosystems around the world. A Kitsune-Elf might be born without a tail or without their fox ears, but never without one or the other. Due to their showing features they are often called "Fox Ears" or "Fox Tail" by other pure humans. Unlike their parents and ancestors, they are not blessed an innate talent to cast magic. Their abilities as a shapechanger or as an illusionist are limited, however that does not prevent them to pursue a magic career if they wish so.


As times grew more peaceful, and understanding took its roots, races such as Kitsune were granted a chance at unprejudiced relations with other races. As a race close to humanoid settlements since long ago, their blended into environment, not as outsiders or beasts, but as equals on terms with other intelligent creatures. Even if relationships in secret between Humans and Kitsune were not rare, those partnerships were not to be consumed without obstacle or prejudice. Eventually they were brought to the public eye, and surprisingly nothing changed. Those who were destined to love remained in bliss, all thanks to the grace of progress. From unions like that, Kitsune-Elf were able to be recognized as a separate race many years later. However, some humans still distaste and avoid this half-breed, as an alien and unpredictable element. They will not trust them, or approach them, due to thinking that they might be hiding their true nature of a brutal and mischievous foreigner.

A young Kitsune-elf woman.


Rather than forming their own culture and settlements, Kitsune-Elf are the part of the society they were born into. They have to accept their heritage and their position or they will face difficulties with communicating and living with others. Those that fail to accommodate are forced to leave their homes and live their life as a traveller, or until they find a more suitable place for them. In social interaction, they consider themselves as a part of the greater multi-diverse world. Using their charm, they take on roles of counsellors, diplomats, leaders or advisers, trying to maintain peace and acceptance within the society. Due to their lingering magical capabilities originating from their bloodline, they can also become sages or magic users that protect others from harm. However, when facing discrimination and prejudice their natural instincts of survival can dominate their morality. They become thieves and sellswords, ready to turn on their allies without thinking back even once. Their goal is to make those that mistreat others suffer as much as they did, and they will use any amount of lies and deceit to achieve that.

Kitsune-Elf names[edit]





Northern Chain

Southern Chain


Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma and your Constitution scores are increased by 1.
Kitsune Sight. You have advantage against saves against Illusion Magic.
Kitsune Trickery. You can appear as a elf hiding your kitsune using a very simple illusion magic. However, on a DC 10 + Proficiency bonus + Charisma Mod vs Investigation Magic.
Fox Senses. You have advantage on perception checks if you can see the moon.

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