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Kit Bashing

Your technical expertise allows you to assemble simple devices out of scavenged parts.
Prerequisite: Int 15+, Repair 8+ ranks.
Benefit: By “cannibalizing” available components from other equipment, you can contrsuct a primitive, limited-use version of a weapon, electronic device, or even a very rudimentary vehicle. The device you build has only a limited lifespan, after which the components become useless for any other purpose (including further kit-bashing).
Thus for example, if you remove the energy cell from a comlink to create a crude vibrodagger, at the end of the weapon’s lifespan, the energy cell cannot simply go back into the comlink to make that device useable again.
Use the table below to determine the Repair check DC, the components needed, the time required for construction, and the operational lifespan of the device you construct.
Special: You must have a Craft specialty related to the device you are attempting to build. For example, to build a crude datapad, you must have the Craft (electronic devices) skill. A scientist can select this feat as one of his scientist bonus feats.
Device Repair DC Needed Components Time Needed
Las-gun 18 Barrel, power pack, trigger, collating spring 30 mins.
Breath mask 13 Mouthpiece, regulator, air supply 5 mins.
Comlink 13 Acoustic sensor, speaker, energy cell 10 mins.
Datapad 13 Display, interface, energy cell 30 mins.
Fus-lantern 13 Chemical reactant, energy cell 5 mins.
Glow rod 10 Chemical reactant 1 min.
Maula pistol 15 Barrel, accelerator, trigger, power pack 10 mins.

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