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Race: Variant Human Ability Scores(Including Racial Bonus): Str:16 Dex:14 Con:16 Int:8 Wis:10 Cha:8

This build requires at the very least 1 fighter levels and 1-2 feats(ASIs) to pull off if you want to multiclass into it.

Take the Tunnel Fighter fighting style from UA, and the Polearm Master feat for your racial trait/the first feat for anybody who's multiclassing. Then get Sentinel if you want to. Tunnel Fighter lets you, as a Bonus Action on your turn, take an infinite number of opportunity attacks for the rest of your turn. Also, anybody who moves around in your reach or attacks anybody other than you while within your reach provokes an opportunity attack from you. Good by itself, but Polearm Master gets you an extra opportunity attack when the enemy engages you, and also increases your reach by 5 feet when you use a polearm for said feat. Now just take Sentinel so that the enemy freezes anytime you hit them, which is anytime they move within your reach. Essentially, at level 4, you can lock down everybody and anybody within 10 feet of you. And then max your Strength within the next 4 levels because you're a Fighter. Then you can take 3 levels of Rogue, go into Swashbuckler, and just run away from people indefinitely, smacking them with your Glaive. Or just make 1 guy's life hell.

[Readers note: Paladin works best for this, if you go oath of vengeance, dropping the Dex in favor of Cha. At level 7 on this oath, you get a usually underpowered ability, that works greatly here. It means that when you hit someone with an opportunity attack, you can move 15 feet, allowing you to move backwards indefinitely, making you even harder to hit and only the odd opportunity attack of something with a reach weapon will hit you, however, not after you have smote them. Furthermore the pool of hit points that you can heal yourself with will counter the odd hits they get on you, and you don't have to multiclass. In short, glaive goes BRRRRRRRR.]

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