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神風 Kamikaze[edit]

Named for the devastating whirling force of the hurricane; the Kamikaze,
or ‘Divine Wind’ school edifies the maxim of death before dishonor. They
are relentless in battle with their two-bladed swords, and most dangerous
when near to death.

Bonus Weapon Proficiency: Two-Bladed Sword (instead of skill bonus).

1st-Level Feat: Two Weapon Fighting.

2nd-Level Feat: Weapon Focus (Two-Bladed Sword).

6th-Level Feat: Double Steel Strike (ECS 55).

6th-Level Bonus Ability: Kamikaze: Whenever your current hit point
total is below 3× your monk level, your kamikaze frenzy automatically
activates. This frenzy is like the one described on pg. 34 of the Complete
Warrior except that while frenzied, you maintain clarity of mind unheard
of among barbarians. You are perfectly able to deal nonlethal damage, stop
your attacks to show mercy, and distinguish friend from foe even in the heat
of your frenzy. Prerequisites: Constitution 13, Balance 4 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks.

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