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"The Red Satyr"

Demon Prince
Symbol: A Wrath Rune
Home Plane: Iranor, 546th Layer of the Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Rage
Worshipers: Evil Barbarians, Evil Clerics, and Evil Satyrs
Clergy Alignments: CE
Domains: Demonic, Strength, War, Wrath
Favored Weapon: Maul
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More information...

Ira appears as a female satyr with a powerful build and stern face. She is known to have dark red skin, matted black fur, and thick curling horns. Her eyes are a molten orange and her body scar covered body is hidden beneath a breastplate of dark abyssal metal. In battle, Ira wields a heavy maul with a head shaped like a ram made from the same metal as her armor.

Some say that Ira was born from a dying red star, others say she came from the rage and hatred of dying soldiers in the battle and it is their bloodlust and unfulfilled desires that coalesced together to form this prince.


Ira is the personification of wrath and thus, desires to find different ways of venting her eternal rage. Her favorite method is hosting fighting pits were participants battle to the death. Though none survive as the last one standing is gifted with the "honor" of facing Ira and dying by her hand. She often steals mortal souls to populate her arena or has her followers send their enemies' to her.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Ira's followers dedicate arenas and fighting pits to her. There, they battle to the death in emulation of Ira and her own arena. The fighters in these death battles are savage and brutal, as though filled with the rage of their mistress. Prayed are yelled as war cries and holy books are written in the blood of those that fall before the beastial fighters.


Ira is one for the seven princes of sin and is one of the many deities of the world of Elinai, specifically the Nor'Noxian branch of the Drisosian pantheon. She also swears loyalty to Gorathax, the Sosfronii goddess of brutality, as all the Princes of Sin do.

Ira, Prince of Wrath[edit]

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