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Ion Blast
Evocation [Electricity]
Level: Sor/Wiz 8, Drd 8,
Components: M, F
Casting time: Standard action.
Range: maximum 500 ft +50/level
Target: the target that you point your handgun at
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half, partial see text
Spell Resistance: Yes

You aim your gun, pull the trigger... And light gathers around in front of the casters weapon moving with the gun. Pulling the trigger a second time stops the gathering and releases the charge.

Standard action: thin beam, 1d6 per caster level (Max 20d6)

Full action: brighter, thicker, this beam deals 1d8 per caster level (Max 20d8)

1 full round (Start of your next turn): Blinding and thick, this beam deals 1d10 per caster level (Max 20d10) and target is Blinded and is pushed back with the beam until it reaches the end of its range. If a wall is encountered thats at no thicker then 15ft of Stone, the target is crushed through destroying the wall and taking appropriate damage and continues on its path.

2 full rounds: The beam is large and thick. Dealing 3d8 per caster level (Max 60d8). At this point the charge itself is blinding and all within 20ft must succeed a DC 25 will save or be blinded. On hit, the target is blinded (no save) and takes 4d4 constitution damage in addition to the full round charges push effect.

5 full rounds: the beam becomes huge. replicating 2 round charges effect at 6d6 per caster level (no max).

10 full rounds: Beam becomes gargantuan. replicating previous effects and dealing 12d12 per caster level (no max). and must make a fortitude save DC 20 or be disintegrated. Using this charge costs a 2,000 XP material component. If unable to be payed, spell turns on caster with no range other then personal.

20 full rounds: Beam becomes Colossal. dealing 20d20 damage, blinding all within 100ft (no save), all within 30 ft must make a fort save DC 25+5 per 5ft closer or be disintegrated. The beam ignores all armor magical or otherwise, but not magical shielding itself. but its slower and subjects gain a +5 to dodge per 50ft range. using this charge costs 10,000 xp as a material component. If unable to be payed, spell turns on caster with no range other then personal.

50 full rounds: Beam becomes Epic. disintegrating all it touches and all (With a DC 40 fort save) within 200 ft of it. Using this charge costs 20,000 xp. If unable to be payed, spell turns on caster and all within 30 ft.

This spell can't be quickened or made rapid, but is considered to be silent and stilled.

Material Component: An amulet of a thunderbolt.

Focus: Any handgun costing at least 300 gp

Notes: Try a Handgun with an amulet of thunderbolt built into its grip, if you DM is cool enough to allow such a mod.

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