Invictum (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Spellcraft DC: 383
Components: V
Casting time: Immediate action
Range: Personal
Effect, or Area: Personal
Duration: 100 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: Seeds: Armor (DC+14), Conceal (DC+17), Fortify x4 (granting +4 strength) (DC+68), Ward (DC+14), Transport (DC+27). Factors: create 50% miss chance (DC+2), Ward against 1st through 10th level spells (DC+180), remove somatic component (DC+2), immediate action cast time (DC+35), plus 26 ac total (DC+22), increase duration by 400% (DC+8). Mitigating factors: change to personal (DC-2), grant haste for duration (DC-4). Material cost: 3,447,000gp in materials. Research time: 69 days. XP cost: 137,880xp

The perfect spell for the perfect battle wizard.

This spell can be cast as an immediate action, takes effect immediately and lasts for 100 rounds. Once cast the caster becomes immune to all 1st through 10th level magic for the duration, receives a +4 to strength, a 50% miss chance when attacked and 26 extra armor which also affects ethereal creatures. The caster also receives haste for the duration.

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