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Your Intelligence (Warcraft) check measures your familiarity with tactics and strategies, as well as the known capabilities of the campaign setting's militaries. A successful Intelligence (Warcraft) check allows you to properly place and employ troops in such a way as to best take advantage of local terrain, predict the actions of an enemy, answer questions about a unit's weapons or training, and so on. An especially bad Intelligence (Warcraft) check typically means you have fallen for a classic blunder.

Consider adding this skill to the skill lists of fighters, paladins, and other classes which you can reasonably assume have a professional background fighting wars. If you want to give fighters a slight additional edge in your game, consider giving them the skill for free. If that's not enough, allow them to add double their proficiency bonus to Intelligence (Warcraft) checks, just like a rogue with expertise. Hey, it makes sense and gives a combat-focused class some additional flavor and non-combat utility.

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