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Insurmountable Champion of the Ferine Attack 11
A blow of unmatched power, a spell set to slay, or an act of divine authority is of no concern to you, for you shrug off the attack and carry on with borrowed time by raw animal will alone.
Daily Star.gif Primal, Rage, Divine
Immediate Interrupt Self
Trigger: You are subject to an effect which would kill you or reduce you to or below 0 hit points
Effect: You immediately shrug off the effect which would have killed you, no matter its origin, and enter a state of impending death. While holding off death through Insurmountable, you cannot be killed by any means for turns equal to your Constitution modifier after Insurmountable was triggered.
Upon Insurmountable ending, you instantly assume Alternate Form if you were not already transformed and die; this assuming of Alternate Form before death does not count against your daily allotted uses for Alternate Form and you return to life if resurrected as your normal form. Your body upon death is whole, regardless of how you died as long as Insurmountable was triggered.
Special: While in Alternate Form the duration of Insurmountable is increased by 1 round.

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