Instant Relocation (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Insant Relocation
Conjuration (Teleportation)
Spellcraft DC: 61
Components: V
Casting time: One swift action
Range: See text
Target: You and touched objects or other touched willing creatures weighing up to 1,000 lb.
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None or Will negates (object)
Spell Resistance: No or Yes (object)
To Develop: 549,000 gp; 11 days; 21960 XP. Seed: transport (DC 27). Factors: no somatic components (+2 DC), planar travel (+4 DC), quickened casting time (+28 DC).

You and any amount of touched objects or creatures totalling up to 1,000 lbs are instantly transported to any location on any plane accessible via the Astral Plane without failure. Any object attended by others gets a Will saving throw and Spell Resistance. If you attempt to transport without sufficient information, you disappear and reappear a moment later.

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