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Information Network [Ranked]

You have a series of informants who keep you up to date in certain locations.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Gather Information checks for subjects within your network’s reach. Your informants may be cackling old nobles who let you know which lords have committed breaches of etiquette, merchants who let you know who is buying what, or farmers who are more than glad to tell you who has gone through their area recently.
This feat may be taken multiple times to enlarge your network’s area (successive levels do not increase the Gather Information bonus, but do enlarge the area your check can draw information from).
1st-level feat lets you check a country- or county-wide area in one day. At 2nd-level, you may make a planet-wide check that takes one week. A 3rd-level feat allows you to check an entire Royal House’s holdings in the period of one month. At 4th-level, your network can check the Known Universe in approximately three months.

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