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Infamy is an optional additional game mechanic that a Dungeon Master may choose to include within his or her game. The mechanic functions much the same as a skill check or opposed-skill check, and may be kept track of via the available blank skill areas on a character sheet.


Infamy "points" are awarded by the Dungeon Master to a player for actions deemed worthy. It is important to note that this is completely at the digression of the Dungeon Master, though some prime examples include the following: defeating a regionally renowned enemy; protecting or crusading on behalf of a group of commoners; earning titles or stations in prominent organizations; leadership feat; roles in important battles; or public display of powers or abilities.

Game Mechanics[edit]

Infamy (Cha)[edit]

Your actions and pursuits precede your presence, and affect your dealings with other individuals.

Check: At the Dungeon Master's demand, a player making an appropriate Charisma-based check (Bluff, Gather Information, Intimidate) the player must also make include their Infamy score. Depending on the situation, the Dungeon Master may choose to add or subtract the infamy score with the base check; thus making the player's infamy either aid or hinder his check.

Positive Example
A bard who has received Infamy points for past public performances is making a Gather Information check with an individual, and gets to add his infamy points to that check to help him succeed.
Negative Example
A rogue whose previous heists have stirred gossip and gained him Infamy is making a bluff check to a retailer that an item isn't stolen, but must subtract his infamy points from the total; thus lowering his chance for success.

Special: A player may ask to be allowed to add or subtract their Infamy without the Dungeon Master's saying so, but must have the DM's approval to actually include the points.

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