Improved Drunken Strength (3.5e Feat)

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Improved Drunken Strength [Racial]

Your Drunken Strength is improved.
Prerequisite: Oni,
Benefit: By spending a Drunken Strength point you can active 1 of the following effects:

o Gain a +4 bonus on a Strength check (which includes bull rushes, overruns, or any other combat application), a grapple check, or any Strength-based skill check as an immediate action.

o Grant a +1 enhancement bonus to natural armor for 1 round as an immediate action.

o Increase the damage of the next melee attack or thrown weapon by +2 as a swift action.

o Increase the range increment of the next thrown weapon by 10 feet as a swift action.

o Grant a +5' insight bonus to speed for 1 round as a swift action.

Normal: You may not gain any of those effects by spending Drunken Strength.

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