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Immobilus prime: this rod was designed by a grouchy gnomish archmage who was tired of people opening his front door every few minutes to use as a door stop. When the gnome realized that people just removed the door he made 4 more to make that impossible. It was then he remembered the windows so he came up with a spell that makes invisible walls.

this rod functions as a Immovable rod except the dc to move the rod is 300 and it can hold 800 tons before collapsing. it will also hold open gates . it also will when the command word is spoken move telekinetically however wanted and then resume staying.

these rods may only be destroyed if put in a interlaced extradimensional space(i.e. one that is inside itself).
strong transmutation; CL 40; Weight: 1 pound not used irrelevant when in use.

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