Illusionary Confidence (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Illusionary Confidence
Illusion [Mind-Affecting, Figment, Compulsion]
Spellcraft DC: 36
Components: V, S, XP, F
Casting time: Standard action
Range: Personal
Effect, or Area: Personal
Duration: 5 hours
Saving Throw: No
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 324,000gp, 12,960 XP, 7 days. Seeds: Compel (DC 19), Fortify (DC 17). Factors: Include audible, olfactory, tactile, taste, and thermal aspects (+10 DC), +10 to all abilities (+60 DC), Negate all negative ability modifiers (ad hoc, +30 DC), Decrease casting time to standard action (+20 DC), -15 hours duration (ad hoc, -15 DC), 10,000 XP Burn (-100 DC), Difficult focus (ad hoc, -5 DC).

The caster visualizes themself in optimal form, hypnotizing themselves into believing that they are more powerful then they are. They gain +10 to all abilities, and temporarily ignore any ability damage, including damage already taken, unless it is afflicted through an epic spell or manifestation. They are immune to fear effects, unless they are through an epic spell or manifestation. This effect lasts for 5 hours.

Focus: A 1 square inch piece of your own brain. Containment and part of brain doesn't matter.

XP Cost: 10,000 XP

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