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Ring, Legendary

Ignius is a ring in the shape of a sleeping dragon with ruby gems for eyes, it is the only one that exists and its creation is shrouded is mystery.
Sentience. Ignius can be awoken either by its own choice or by the call of whomever it is attuned to and is wearing it. It has an Intelligence 18, Wisdom 17 and Charisma 15, can speak any language known by its wearer and can communicate telepathically with its wielder. When awaken Ignius has darkvision of 60ft, has a move and fly speed of 40 and can choose to attack on its wearers turn in combat. However, its movement is under control of the dm once it is awake.
Personality. Ignius is of chaotic neutral alignment and as such can never be fully controlled by anyone. It has free will of its own and Ignius's actions are completely under the dm's control. Ignius speaks in a mischievous male voice is often very lazy but if needed it will spring into action to help its wearer. Ignius enjoys adventure and campfire stories.

Multi-Attack During combat Ignius may make up to three attacks.

Dart Ignius straitens into a sharp dart-like position and propels itself at a target dealing 1d8 piercing damage +4 fire damage on a hit.

Scorch Ignius breaths fire at a target dealing 1d10 fire damage on a hit.

Sentient Items

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