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Iaijutsu Focus (Cha)[edit]

This skill allows you to channel your chi more effectively when making an attack. Whenever you are making an attack roll immediately after drawing a weapon and your target is flat-footed, you may make a DC 10 Iaijutsu Focus check. On a success, the attack deals 1d6 extra damage, plus another 1d6 for every 5 by which you exceed the DC (15, 2d6; 20, 3d6; etc.), to a maximum of 9d6 extra damage at 50 and above. This damage is not cumulative with sneak attack damage or similar abilities.

Action: Not an action. Iaijutsu Focus checks are made at the beginning of a surprise round or as part of an attack, and are therefore not actions in and of themselves.

Retry: Against inanimate objects, yes. In a formal duel or combat situation, generally not, unless the requirements for using the skill (sheathed weapon, flat-footed opponent) somehow come about again.

Special: You may also use this ability when making an attack against an inanimate object. This is the technique martial arts masters use to break boards or bricks with their bare hands. If engaged in a formal iaijutsu duel, you may use your total Iaijutsu Focus modifier in place of your standard initiative if it is higher.

You gain a +2 bonus to Iaijutsu Focus checks if you have the Balance feat.

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