Hyperblast (3.5e Epic Power)

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Psicraft DC: 49
Range: 3000 ft.
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will half
To Develop: 441,000 gp; 9 days; 17,640 xp. Seed: energy (DC 19). Factors: change area to 50-foot radius burst (+15 DC), increase damage to 40d6 (+60 DC) Mitigating Factors: 20D6 Backlash (-20 DC), causes you to spend 25 power points (ad hoc -25 DC)

You spend a few seconds of intense concentration gathering your psionic power. Then, you release it all in an enormous explosion of raw psionic energy, your life force and mental power fueling the blast.

The intense physical and mental strain of this power causes you immense damage (30D6) and the cost of some of your daily power (25 power points)

Creatures within the effected area take 60d6 untyped damage. This damage is empathetic in nature, and as such bypasses DR and Regeneration.

Note: This power should be able to be used by a 25th level manifester, with 28 ranks in Psicraft(+28), at least 5 ranks in Knowledge (psionics)(+2), Skill Focus(Psicraft)(+3), and Intelligence modifier of +6(+6) by taking 10 on their check.

Note 2: The power point spending idea was from the idea of spell slots being used to reduce the Spellcraft DC in Epic Spells.

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