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Hushikunush (Greater God) The creator of the bearor race. He was the first god of ever and he created bears and bearors. He’s a ussually benevolent god but when he get’s angry, everyone fears him. He created his continent and population in several weeks. After creating his continent, he created his home – Chasunsh, the Beautiful Palace of Gods. Then he created other gods – Shashush the god of Sleep and Frofru the god of Fire, for example. In his true form he has the form of an fire-red bearor winch is high as an half-of-human. Concentrating strongly, he has the power to create anything. His holy animal is the bear. No bearor has even touched a bear – bearors worship them as if they were gods.

Role-playing notes: Some races of DiscEarth consider this god to be an Daemonic Power from the Abyss, such as Lolth (but don’t tell this to a bearor, EVEN if you WANT to die in the most terribile pain – bearors hate spiders).

Statistics: AL CG; WAL any ch.; AoC all; SY claw

Hushikunushs’ Avatar (fighter 20, mage 10) Hushikunushs’ avatar appears to be an fiery red bearor. He may draw to any spell of any school.
Str 22 Dex 18 Con 18
Int 17 Wis 14 Cha 20
MV 12 SZ 4’ MR 45%
AC -2 HD 20 HP 176

  1. AT 3 THAC0 1 Dmg ld8 (battle axe) +7

Spec. Att/Def: Victims’ hit by the Hushikunushs’ Avatar axe must make a saving throw vs. spell -3 or catch fire (5d10 of dmg every round). Duties of Priesthood: Hushikunushs’ priests must serve the beautiful forests’ and people their deity created. They must help every bearor they meet and protect forests and bears’ their entire life.

Requirements: AB Str 10, Wis 12; AL any CH; WP axe,hammer;AR a; SPLL Maj: all, animal, combat, creaction, plant, protection, Min: Astral, Chaos, Time, War, Weather; PW 1) minor creation /once/day 7) shapechange as a druid 12) animal friendship one animal/five levels 18) speak with god (similar to the speak with dead spell)/question/ten levels; TU yes

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