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Hunger Domain[edit]

Granted Powers: You gain a bite attack. If you are Small, your bite attack deals 1d4 points of damage; Medium, 1d6; or Large, 1d8. You are proficient with your bite, and considered armed. If you already have a natural bite attack, use the higher of the two damage values. This is considered a secondary natural attack.

Hunger Domain Spells

  1. Ghoul Light: Light provides turn resistance.
  2. Ghoul Glyph: Glyph wards area, paralyzes victims.
  3. Ghoul Gesture: Ray paralyzes target.
  4. Enervation: Subject gains 1d4 negative levels.
  5. Ghoul Gauntlet: Convert Victim to a ghoul under your control.
  6. Eyes of the King: Summon fiendish dire bats.
  7. Field of Ghouls: Transform dying creatures into ghouls.
  8. Bite of the King: Swallow enemies whole.
  9. Energy Drain: Subject gains 2d4 negative levels.

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