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These are humans that can be used for the To the Heavens setting.

Human, Worlder.[edit]

Worlders are the main stock of humanity. They are the unremarkable masses that make up 45% of the human race. Whilst some rise to positions of power, most never get recognition.

They are treated like humans except for the following.[edit]

  • +2 bonus on saves against chemicals and poisons. The society they hail from is steeped in drugs and pollutants.
  • +2 bonus Drive checks.

Human, Peacekeeper[edit]

Peacekeepers are the genetically bred stock of humans used for military purposes. They are loyal soldiers, good at fighting and following orders.

Treat as human except:[edit]

Human, Spacer.[edit]

Spacers are a semi-official distinction. True, most spacers call themselves spacers but plenty of humans with worlder stats are also called spacers. These stats should only be applied to those who hail from families who have spent centuries in minimal gravity. They look just like Worlders but tend to walk with a less stable gait, as they are not usually used to normal G conditions. They are at home mostly in about .1G, this being the level on most deep stations and everywhere except for the bridges and officer's quarters on ships.

Treat as human except:[edit]

  • +2 bonus on Pilot checks.
  • Low G adaption (ex):You take only 1/2 the normal penalties for low G environments and do not suffer from space sickness. If you take the Zero-G Training feat, you also gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls in low or Zero G environments. You may not take the Planetary Adaptation feat for Low or High G worlds.

Human, Blueblooder.[edit]

One thing remains constant. Money matters. Universally filthy rich families, the children are almost all given EYME (early youth mental enhancement) and an amazing education. They are however used to luxury and easy living. The humans of yesteryear who they resemble were not as tough as the gritty worlders and spacers of this cruel future.

Treat as human except:[edit]

  • Abilities: +2 Intelligence, -2 Constitution.
  • Pure: May not take any feat that implies a hereditary genetic adaption.
  • Family: +4 wealth bonus at 1st level. Must choose Heir as their starting occupation.

Human, Luna Human.[edit]

Luna humans are a branch of humans that have adapted to living on the Moon (now a second Earth). They are gifted with a higher level of perceptiveness then other humans, but are weaker, considering the easy living and lack of pollutants on Luna.

Treat as human except:[edit]

Human, Gamma Worker[edit]

Gamma workers are clones, all descended from the same basic stock, therefore all being exactly alike besides gender and some subtle differences. They are sterile, and their mental capacities are lower then usual.

Treat as human except:[edit]

  • Abilities: -2 Intelligence.
  • Sterile: Gamma Workers cannot breed.

Human, Darklander[edit]

Darklanders are humans from the lower side of society, the so-called "Darklands" that thrive in the literal underworld of Earth. They have thrived for years in criminal activities, becoming more resilient to drugs and gaining a charismatic, forceful personality. Darklanders are often found in leading roles in the underworld due to their persuasiveness.

Treat as human except:[edit]

  • Abilities: +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom.
  • Lowlight vision.
  • +2 bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks.
  • +2 saving bonus against chemicals and poison
  • Light sensitivity: Darklanders are dazzled by exposure to bright lights.

Human Densities[edit]

Humans are arranged according to the total population of each subtype.

  • Worlders: 45%
  • Peacekeepers: 10%
  • Spacers: 15%
  • Blueblooders: 2%
  • Luna Humans: 10%
  • Gamma Workers: 10%
  • Darkanders: 5%
  • Other: 3%

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