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Human Organizations[edit]

We have spoken much of the older ages my student, especially the forbidden knowledge of what have happened and that most powerfull men keep a secret. Before these old bag of bones before you turn to dust I must tell you about our Kindom today and correct you about the things everyone think they already know. Speaking of the current age, Kored is a Kindom yes?, have it always been so? Perhaps I state the obvious when I say it has not always been so. Now you are saying something funny, don't worry I am certain that the King is appointed by Devine Grace of some diety and that family have ruled since before the fall of Aeoryran. Kored on the Isles of Teoryran and the spots of in-land we have is a mere Kingdom, the Kored that was on the huge coasts and plains of Aeoryran was an Empire. So you think we had an Empire now?, it's a pale imitation without effort more of a brag or deception to gain respect. The Second Empire was united by one church, one army and one commander. It was only in the collonisation when goverment moved from Aeoryran to Teoryran that we had all these traitorious fractions, shattered regions, rebellion and the shattered heretics and witches. I remember the splendor of the cities, the wonderous libraries and the glorious public executions! The nobility we have today are not inheriting power from families in Aeoryran despite what they say. The nobility in the empire only had titles and private possessions. Here they made their children to become born to status. The Church is not the same as in the fatherland either. We have many churches fighting over the right to be the one church and there are heretics and witches everywhere. Go away, I need to sleep. The inquistor will arrive in the nightfall to burn me, I think I want a few hours of good sleep before being tortured and burned as a heretic and I have a feeling I will pass away peacefully in my dreams knowing I passed . I forgot I was supposed to tell you about how the realm is today,how it really is faring. There are many fractions you have underestimated in your daily life or perhaps you never heard of them in that isolated home regions of yours.

Organisation In Kored[edit]

Korad's Crown[edit]

Despite what you think, the King is lot the perfected Saint you expected.'
He is not the one that build everything, he doesn't need us and he doesn't care about us'
If he does care he must be utterly insane, I have diary of royal scribes that few know about, and it is
filled with stories charactizing him as benevolent and devout tyrant, who slaugher
because 'he believes perfect control is what is good for the people
I refuse to believe that a human being can be inspired by the ideals of good
to do evil. No I think he must be a greedy, impulsive being who doesn't care about us'
The King is a descendant of the Ledgendary King Kored in the Empire
, all royal males have the same Name which is meant to allow each new King
to claim to have done the same things, so history is constantly rewritten.
Do not trust the dates in the scrolls, the year of favourable events such as
Korad winning a war is always have always some years added to while
loosing a war or rival building something usefull for the public always
have some years subtracted to make them easier to forget.
The King is first of all mortal, second the King is por, third the King
ethnicity and the colour of his skin is dark with a tint of pale grey yellow
and his hair blond as 'snow 'melting in a summer sun.
The royality have no blood common with the "nation".
They have no langage, costums or references in common with us,
the church have made all believe that the King is just like us, only better
and if the King is not perfect the ministers send from the church will guide him.
The King is loyal to the Church and the Church hide behind the King.
The King is a filthy, foreigner and heathen and just as all different ethnicites
he is evil becouse he does not have the pure white skinned,gold blond and blue eyed blood.
No his unique features are certaintly signs of evil
The Korad Royal House is an populous extended family with many members in the Church
all share their own alien and filthy culture.
The Goverment is called the Crown, which is defined as either where The King lives,
or wherever anyone bearing the Sign of Royal Power is.
The Royality is a state within the state that dominates other rouge states within the state,
the only thing that empowers the crown is religion, feudalism'
and reverence for the Royal Family.
The canditates for entering the Royal Family are rival royal families,
bastards who are married or adopted to hide the shame,elite noble allies and nobles families
who seem to share the alien ethnicity of the royal house.
The other Royal houses predate the Teoryan Kingdom of Kored but
have all either held royal 'power the past or owned fallen Kingdoms.
The Crown is organized around single region and its loyal supporters..
without any standing army. without any economic system
such private ownership,coins or other infernal modern practices.

Royal Honor[edit]

The royals have their own version of the code of honour that all humans have,
but they do not have to trust nobles word and do not have to pay respect to honorable nobles.
a royality have to recognice the honour of a lesser noble in direct servive to the Crown or
who visit the Royality as guest but they alone can ignore honour.
Royality can ignore honour of any stranger, or of any noble in an non-official meeting
'A royality can never be honoured by the presence of noble
and have no duty to associate themselves with honourable nobles
or keep good relations with them.'
They can execute,rob and mutilate any nobleman but they can not take back titles
or declear family rights null and void.'
It is honourable for a royality but not for a noble to sneak attack, decieve, assissinate
or make impossible demands'
a royal honour measures strenght and power but he has no obligations to his lessers


The royality are slightly less diverse in their spirits than others so
most royality fits the general steriotype
They are dominant, death-loving, insane, tyrants in the greater good
who kill you becouse they love you but can't control you
The average royality is stoic,cold hearted, simple minded ,
somewhat irrational and extremely fanatic
Royality have a great deal of hatred for anyone who is happy,easy going
or have any sort of wealth except the basis of survival.
They want everyone to just have the basics enought to survive and be serious and grown up.
While they as the elite, require all the rescourses, wealth and luxery
melancholic temparement, they are usually feeling mix of joy and sadness simulaniously but
have a great deal of energi, strong will and fierce motivation despite their lack of feeling
and deep thoughts.
when needed they seem to rouse themselves and become vitalized"
royals rarely think deeply about anything except religion, morality and law
They have a compassion strong in drive but weak in "feeling", that drives them to
kill becouse it is helping and only help those they control becouse that is helping.
They feel know what is better for others and keep the weak weak and the poor poor
becouse its for their own good

Political Power[edit]

The Royal as a group have power over other groups of equal military power
with the help of the Church who spy and assassine across border and without restraint.
They have the support of countless empoverish and desperate epidimies of fantatics
that volunter from rural areas or just randomly appear from previously content populance.
In their small region they have an small and unorganized but powerfull army of high leveled
Royal Knights, Noble knights Warrior Priests and suicidial peasant fanatic-mobs.
Their territory that the Royal Groups control, they control by totally destroying
it and killing untill they contol it and live on conquests.
They rule becouse the esteem of their blood and becouse their rivals are afraid of a
civil war.
The Royality also have great deal of control over the Church, most Royality
become Archbishops.
The greatest ally they have is those that they oppress so much
becouse the peasants are more afraid of anarchy than thyrant of equal worth.
They use forced labour and the feudal system, even if they dont have money
they can still promise and distribute lands and titles to the nobles
and the nobles are manipulated by their desire for the lands of others.
But really, There are no realized centralized goverment and the Crown
is not the most powerfull fraction.

The Royal Religion[edit]

The Crown empowered by a powerfull and popular religious ideology.
but only the members of the royality embrace this religion to its fullest and
actually the Royality have their own priests and their own religion within the religion.
They believe that what is good for most people is evil and what is evil for most people is good
Evil things are sex,happiness.confidence,own will, individual identity becouse they are egoistic
Pain,misery and torture and slavery is good becouse this is altruistic and leads to cooperation
thus compassion and enforce self-sacrifice and exterminate selfishness and identity.
In general their ideology is based on admiring death becouse it represents the end of life
and the virginity, stoicism and pure altruism without any selfish living desires.
also the royal culture adhor many of the traits commoners assoicate with living
such as vitality, impulsivity, extroversion, sexuality, and health and wealth.
for a royal person these things will lead to death,weakness and desease
and he believes that imitating deathlike features of death will promote "life" and
lead to strenght and win in the end''
Royality do not believe in the pragmatic benefits of procreation,welfare,prosperity or health.
They believe that possessing the soul means that everyone have to forced to obey the duty
to sustain themselves only of the spiritual and believe that what most people
consisted natural such as animals and plants are natural, instead the surrounding "life"
and'universe is accepted as an abomination.'
Death and faith is the way back to what they believe is natural and "true life".
'This belief is motivated by caring for the weaker, those who have no place in life
and the worship of weakness in order to justify compassion for the weak and those who will die.
The need to care for the weak who must die leads to the extermination of life
and the preservation of those who would naturally dies means that
dying becomes being alive and becouse the constant weakness is sustained
the constant presence of death is also sustained.
The royality understands this but also understands the opposite.
Might makes Rights becouse Might communicates with the God,
Compassion is for those you despice and for the weak so they can be'
protected from the evils of life and tested untill its time for them to be blessed with death
Its also important to be strong, to persue the rightious dominance that strenght of life gives
so the royality can destroy and conquer their enemies and conquer life itself.
only the royality is pure enought and blessed with the capacity enjoy some of life
and to think and to lead.

Sample Preaching[edit]

The King is By Grace of God which means he is the Avatar of God,
who unites all mankind in his church throught death and life and absorbation
into the flesh and blood of God.
All cultures and tribes are united speaking all tongues and worshipping the God Of Humanity.
The good are those true believer and all other have chosen evil and chosen to die'
becouse its impossible to live without God.
Death is the final reward, the souce of all life' and evil are punnished by death
and the good are rewarded with death
The purpose of life is to be tested untill rewarded with Death
Death is true life and life true death, the faithfull understand and the evil are confused.
life of the soul and of good without the evils of both individual and collective existence.

Abilites and Levels[edit]

Royals are never spell casters, they have class levels and feats
that reflect mixed carriers as soldiers and clergy.
The typical young Prince is a Knight with levels in Knight and Assassin
and maybe fighter and the Marshial Prestige class.
Ministers who are spared from Knighthood becouse of their importance
can have a level on knight and four or more of Inquisitor.
Most should take leadership at 6th level,
and Quest feats should be available as background feats.
They often have background feats that imply either cold or very charismatic personalites or :religious and mental devoution.
Those Royality who stay in court as Archbishopic Councelors
often have any levels in rouge,Priest, scribe or schoolar and at least one level in any kind of martial :class.
The King Himself usually have high total character level.


They live in a barbarian and fanatic Kindom populated by mad and ascentic por people
so the Royals are appearing as spoon fed and spoiled brats.
They wear silk, and gold-coppar weapons and half-plate-half-chain armour
that basically is a studded armour becouse it is ceremonial.
Skin is white,olive or grey. Their hair is black, red with purple spots, or snow blond
and their eyes are yellow, ice blue or dark blue.
They are muscular,tal and have fine features but rough and hairy skin with birthmarks
and they are have gaunt faces with deep bown and large noses.

Korad-Zekus Baronies[edit]

There are six Great Baronies in Korad, each the equal of the Land of the Crown
and a state within a state.
Four of them are Hunter(green), Kraka(Back),Leaf(Red),Walker(white).
The Hunter and Roseleaf are both Lokated in the land Zekus the other are spread out.
The other two are Greyhound and Seig-Seevifel who have grey shield and are less powerfull.
All the Great Baronies often unite and present their demands to the King
or use the King as a go-between or final arbitor.
They often unite war against the King or fight against themselves, and feel less bound by religion than lesser nobles or than soldiers more loyal to the Crown.
The Barons are often excomunicated and eventually taken back to the church
or assassinated and suffers many revolts incited by agitators send by the Church.
Barons care only about their power, and use raw strenght and power to crush
the people who rebel or critize them.
They encourage wealth, prosperity and allow slavery with some rights but no freedrom.
The Baronies constists of collossal manours with farms and small forests walled in in citadels,
reworked mountains or just fortressed. They have equivalents of small cities in them
and do not need any support from remote villages to support these fortresses.
The Barons records and measure debts, mathematically in a way similar to primitive market economy and maintain and rent equipment and houses.
The industies are small scale, and produce very little surplus of any kind
and more lands are required by these settlement to produce less food than for normal farms.
The sole benefit is immuniti to all kinds of sieges and even if the food is expensive they
never have shortages.
After few decates all these farmable lands within these fortressess are depleted
and the settlement becomes dependent on outside import and they can support a lesser population.
This means that the fully effective citadels and fortressess are rare.
The more wars there are while the citadels have farmland left the more wars the Barons win and they get return for their investments.
Festival are paid for by the Baron.
Otherwise the law is strict and deadly, but enjoying what little you have is encouraged
and allowed. Peasants have the right to relax and enjoythemselves
as long as they do resort to public promisculity, disrespect of authorities, vandalisation, use drugs
or piss in public. All of which are punnishable with death.
Failing to pay your debt or perform your duties are punnished depending
on circumstance and usually involves beating with the whip.


Most of the Baron family members are energic,rescourseful and active
and very careful personalities
but in an raw natural way, Barons are at best moderate intellectuals
and thought by war and shaped by war.


It's rare for Barons to be fanatically religious. most are either not religious
or simple religious without drawing any logical conclusions from it.
Barons are both heretical enought to be scorned by society and
heretical enought to still be so religious that they are not completly rational
and wise and they are to moderate be inspired from faith
Most of the lot love war and take what they want with force whenever they want it.
All surviving to adulthood are ruthless killers who trusts nobody
even then each individual is as unique as his ways of rulership.
A strange minority can even read and write, why would anyone want to?

Baron Honor[edit]

Barons have much the same ideas of honor as Knights and nobles
but they also accept some the peasants ideas of honor as a worthy member
in the community instead of just being a warrior.
This usually doesn't make them more popular becouse he is not a equal member of the community
but it allows most Barons to command their lessers with greater efficiency.


In addition to their near-invulnerable fortressess.
Barons have small but personal organised regiments of full time soldiers
who are rightless,poor or disgraced knights serving as retainers of war, sergéants of arms and soldiers. They apply all the population as part time soldiers for tax cuts
and are well trained.
In addition they have scores of allied and sworn dukes and knights visiting
and each Baron have a group of Dukes and an army of Knights with their peasant armies
who will come to their Barons aid.
Treason is high in the feudal army due to multiple and conflicting contracts and widespread religions fanaticism that can cause anyone to turn to any side.
Anyone who is good figher is usually pot in the front line to shield the usefull troops,
sick ones are used as ammuntion for catapults, the rest can craft spears,arrows or
run and put out fire or digg ditches.
Everyone else is thrown to the mob part of the army.
Women,weaklings, children, old men are thrown in with the undiscipline mobs and other rabble
for distraction who throw rocks or use sticks and spear.
They use huge amounts of free peasants militia working as constaples and nightwatch
or assassines who hunt spies and traitors.


All the baronies controls huge regions where they have their citadels or fortressed manors and have long since conquered all the less protected regions around them. In addition they have huge networks vassal states usually Dukes and Knights who are at least cooperative or friendly and at best very loyal. and each barony have at least two citadels even if the others are just fortressed manors and cites. Sadly contol wax and weave becouse of in-fighting, attack from the King, fanaticism rebellion and collapsing economics.

Abilities and Levels[edit]

Most Barons are the ultimate knight, others are sinister manipulators. Good classes are Knight, Fighter, huntsman and rouge. Most Barons don't rely on alien minded tactics as the royality and most have many levels in marschal.

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