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Racial Feats[edit]

{{3.5e Feat |name=Magical Resistance |types=General |summary=Some Humans are even less affected by magic. |prereqs=Human, level 1 |benefit=Increases the characters natural bonus on saves vs. spells & spell-like effects to +4.

Expert Learner [Racial][edit]

Humans have a quick mind and learn quickly.
Prerequisite: Human, Intelligence 13
Benefit: Increases the Human bonus skill points from (1 extra / level) to (2 extra / level)

History of Warfare [Racial][edit]

Due to centuries of warfare most Humans have some basic understanding of military tactics.
Prerequisite: Human, base attack bonus +5, Knowledge (History) 2 ranks
Benefit: Once per day, you gain the ability to double the amount of victory points gained when you would gain victory points (for a description of victory points see Heroes of Battle)

Note: This feat is related to the The Test of Time (DnD Campaign Setting)Human Feats

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