Human, half elf-immortal-vampire-angel-god-animal (3.5e Race)

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April Fools!
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After millennia of cross breeding a creature emerged that had the blood and genes if so many races that the human in then steamrolled all the others so really these guys are just normal humans. Actually they have more halves than their title lists, like dragon, but none of them matter so there's no point in listing them all


Just like normal humans but mostly big headed cause they think they're so great.

Physical Description[edit]

Exactly the same as humans.


Mostly like humans, but some races can't stand the constant arrogance.






Any, but probably not the humbler ones.


Common and any non secret can be learned.


Mostly human, but some try to "honor" their "heritage" and take a name from one of the thousands of races they descend from. So any really.

Racial Traits[edit]

Vital Statistics[edit]

Same as human.

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