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Hound Archon[edit]

Strong archons with hound-like features

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5’6”–6’2”
Average Weight: 160–200lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Elven, Primordial
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Religion
Hound's Nose: You have a +2 bonus to Perception checks made to find tracks.
Recognize: You gain a +2 bonus to History checks about the history of a being you have met before if that being is in your line of sight.
Canine Form: You can use the canine form power as an encounter power. You are a shapechanger for the purpose of effects relating to that keyword.
Immortal Origin: You are from the Astral Sea. You are considered an immortal for the purpose of effects relating to creature origin.

Canine Form Hound Archon Racial Power
You quickly shift into a dog, as your weapons and implements disappear.
Encounter Star.gif Polymorph
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You change into a dog until you end the effect as a minor action. While you are in this form you are Tiny size and cannot make attacks.

Wild and free, hound archons guard their home plane of the Astral Sea by traveling through the world, destroying any horrible abominations from the Elemental Chaos, the Shadowfell, or even the Feywild.The ultimate goal of almost every hound archon is to eliminate any threat, small or big, to the Astral Sea.

Play a hound archon if you want...

  • to be charismatic, strong, and deadly
  • to be a natural tracker
  • to be a member of a race that favors the ranger, fighter, cleric, and paladin classes

Physical Qualities[edit]

Hound archons have bulging muscles,are athletic, and are about as tall as humans. Their complexions range from white, gray, and tan to reddish-brown, brown, and black.A typical hound archon's hair color is white, light gray, dark gray, tan, reddish-brown, light brown, or dark brown, though it can be autumn orange, mossy green, or deep gold. Their eyes are white or yellow. Hound archons have dog ears, and they have about as much body hair as a human. However, it's impossible for them to grow facial hair.Hound archons mature much faster than humans, reaching adulthood at age 5. They can not die of old age, but they can be killed or die of disease.

Playing a Hound Archon[edit]

Hound archons believe in not wasting one moment of their lives. They enjoy nature, music, and a little group of close friends. They usually have rules-can-not-be-broken attitudes when put in positions of power, but when not in charge, they forget about rules.When not in charge, they also tend to greatly respect the opinions of whoever is in charge.

Hound archons can worship any god, but they like Melora in particular. There is even a myth claiming that Melora created hound archons, but the truth is that Kord and Sehanine together created them.Worshipers of Avandra tend to wish that they were more than mere servants to the gods.Worshipers of Bahamut tend to do everything they can to complete the quest of protecting the Astral Sea. Worshipers of Corellon tend to be bards, singing about the Quest.Worshipers of Erathis tend to hope for a golden age of hound archon art and science.Worshipers of Ioun tend to serve the gods willingly, but not really care about the Quest. Worshipers of Kord tend to protect the Astral Sea by killing any monster they come across.Worshipers of Melora tend to be more connected to the wild than most hound archons.Worshipers of Moradin tend to be runepriests, carving divine runes into their weapons.Worshipers of Pelor tend to think more about their immortality than most hound archons.Worshipers of the Raven Queen tend to rain painful death on their foes.Worshipers of Sehanine tend to enjoy the company of humans more than most hound archons do.And that's saying something.

Hound archons are very protective friends.Their least favorite thing is seeing a friend get injured. They hate to let a friend wander away, and punish themselves if they lose a friend.Although a hound archon may have other things that are important to them, their key concern is always their friends.

Hound archons tend to work best in groups.

Hound Archon Characteristics: Charming, grim, suspicious, commanding, flexible, protective, brave, bold, restless

Male Names: Alain, Alek, Benn, Brandis, Donn, Erik, Gregg, Jonn, Kris, Marc, Pieter, Regdar, Quinn, Samm, Thom, Wil

Female Names: Ana, Cassi, Eliza, Elena, Gwenn, Jenn, Kat, Keira, Lucy, Luusi, Mari, Mika, Miri, Mooner, Stasi, Shawna, Zanne

Hound Archon Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Hound Archon adventurers are described below.

Wil is a hound archon ranger and a devout worshiper of Melora, the god of the wilds. When the gods told Wil and his family it was time to pursue the quest of saving the Astral Sea forever, they started out in a human town, their temporary hut guarded by 2 angels of protection. Wil now leads other hound archons and some human townsfolk in raids against goblins. Although he maintains a cheerful disposition, he often wishes the gods would allow him to go back to the Astral Sea.

Gwenn is a hound archon fighter dedicated to the mastery of her chosen weapon, the bastard sword. She rises early every morning to practice combat maneuvers and constantly strives to master new techniques. Excellence with her weapon is symbolic to her;it represents excellence of character, the perfection of her spirit. When she achieves perfect mastery of the bastard sword, she believes she will be perfect herself.

Donn is a hound archon paladin of Erathis, the god of cities and civilization. He believes that the hound archon race is destined to rise from the rank of servant to the gods and form a great nation carved from the wilderness. And he intends to be instrumental in that process. As a reminder of his heritage, he keeps a bone tucked in his belt. Although he sometimes thinks that pillaging dungeons is a waste of his effort, he occasionally unearths a divinely enchanted item that was definitely made in the Astral Sea.

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