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I'm not sure about how the formatting works so this might not look the best.

This character was built for a competition and managed to output enough damage and mobility to allow me to win, powering through assorted gruelling challenges. It was created for a level 12 character, but you can continue any way you wish.


- Half-elf: +2 CHA and +1 to two other stats, as well as darkvision and immunity to sleep. (I recommend this with +2 CHA, +1 DEX and +1 CON)

- Variant Human: +1 to any two stats. Can take the crossbow expert feat for extra damage.

- Halfing (lightfoot): +2 CHA and +1 CHA, however the 25 speed is a disadvantage

3 levels Rogue

- Sneak attack damage is 2d6

- Cunning Action allows you to have insane mobility and since we aren't dual wielding we have the Bonus Action to spare, so use it as much as you can.

- Expertise for stealth and whatever else you want to focus on (I recommend persuasion or intimidation)

- Take whichever Archetype you like best, you only get the 3rd level bonus of it. (I took Arcane Trickster for more utility and a familiar)

4 Levels of Fighter

- Archery Fighting: style +2 to hit with ranged weapons

- Action surge is amazing for shooting someone a lot or using multiple actions

- Martial Archetype: Battlemaster (you want the Precision Attack maneuver)"Precision Attack. When you make a weapon attack roll against a creature, you can expend one superiority die to add it to the roll. You can use this maneuver before or after making the attack roll, but before any effects o f the attack are applied."

- Ability Score improvement: Nah, we need sharpshooter feat. (gives +10 damage if you have a -5 penalty to hit as well as 600ft range)

4 Levels of Paladin

- Healing is always nice

- Fighting style: Defense, we're using studded leather armour so the +1 to AC is nice.

- Divine Smite can't be used on a ranged weapon sadly, so save it for when you're stuck in melee.

- Sacred Oath: Devotion, Vengeance may sound nice but devotion has what we want from their Channel Divinity.

...And that is SACRED WEAPON "As an action, for 1 minute, add your CHA mod to Attack rolls made with that weapon. The weapon also emits bright light (this is not great for stealthy characters I'll admit) and it becomes magical.

-Ability Score Improvement: We want high DEX and CHA.

1 more level of Paladin or Fighter

- Extra attack and maybe more spells (I'm a little confused about multiclassing and spells)

But how does this work in combat?

-Cast Sacred weapon before the fight if possible, if that is not possible use your Bonus Action to dash to a good position and cast it.

-Your to hit bonus is now (DEX + CHA + PROF + FIGHTING STYLE + MANEUVER) if you have 20 DEX and 18 CHA, your attack rolls will be (5+4+4+2+1d8= +15+1d8)

-Use sharpshooter (-5 to hit and +10 to damage) whenever you feel lucky or you know the enemy has a low AC.

-Use your sneak attack once per turn.

-Use cunning action to reposition yourself with dashes (60ft) or disengages (30ft and no Attack of Opportunity). Take your shot and run 60ft backwards.

-Always try to get advantage, this makes you much more powerful as you will hit more shots.

How much damage can you output in one turn?

Using an action surge and sharpshooter with sneak attack and provided you hit all your shots:

4d8 + 2d6 +(4x5) + (4x10)

Max damage 104

Min damage 60

Avg damage 85

Without an action surge you can still do (2d8 + 2d6 + 30) damage (avg damage per round = 46)

Other Details

-Your AC with studded leather is 12+5+1 for a nice 18 AC and that can be 20 if you go into melee with a shield.

-You're also not terrible in melee if you get caught out of position.

-With expertise in stealth you should have (+13), this can be used with the Hide Action as a cunning action

-You also have free will to choose what you are proficient in as well as a variety of low level spells to make a really well rounded character able to heal, steal, hide, kill, pick locks and talk your way out of trouble.

-If you get a magical item, get winged boots.

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