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Holy Elf, Elf Subrace[edit]

And you thought high elves were snobs.
—Some dwarf

Physical Description[edit]

From Yu-Gi-Oh

Holy elves have skin tones that range from normal, pale elf skin, to a startling pale blue. Their ears bend backwards rather than sticking out to the side, and have small ridges near the lobe. They generally are described as more fragile than the average dexterous elf, and are somewhat shorter on average.


Holy elves are elves touched by the power of faith. Supposedly, different from any other regular believer, their faith physically transformed a small sect of elves into a risen mentality, imbued with the wisdom of the divine powers and workings of the universe. However, in exchange for this power, they had to be sworn into secrecy not to reveal prophecies outright or prevent calamities. They had to keep speaking in odd riddles like a disillusioned soothsayer, and they alone knew the meanings. This led to their egos growing and other races resented them for withholding such wisdom.


Holy elves live in small sanctuaries because others usually cannot bear to be near them. Dwarves find them the most abhorrent of elves, as do gnomes. Even other elves could not stand their attitudes and exiled a lot of them from their high cities. High elves tolerated them least. Within their own sanctuaries, the holy elves devote their lives to worship in the form of prayer and research. They can spend up to half a day in worship, and the other half to studies. There are those selectively skilled in abjuration who protect these sanctuaries with illusory wards and shields that allow them to keep his lifestyle.

Holy Elf Names[edit]

Holy Elves are named like normal elves, but pronounced in a snootier way.

Male: Keavan, Ellamin, Adric

Female: Daedi, Wynrel, Faenala

Holy Elf Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Divine Sense. You are proficient in the Religion skill. You also can speak, read and write in Celestial.
Guiding Powers. You call upon the powers of the universe to guide you in your endeavors. You know the guidance cantrip.

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