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The History of the Skaven[edit]


First I did like to say something. Skaven are inspired by war hammer but I really mean inspired, that game gave me ideas that does not entirely fit that race other than the awesome name. Also I wanted to unite several ideas of similar races in the same setting.

The Bone Age[edit]

In the era primordial, The Skaven evolved in Aaeryran, from the missing link between rodents and other animals They where omnivorous, cannibalistic and incestuous breed that populated an area explosively. They where quicker than mankind to learn how to craft tools from the bones and flesh of their prey. The Skaven where so dangerous to the eco system that other predators evolved to exterminate Skaven but mankind was afraid of these animals, and exterminated the Skavens natural enemies and the Skaven gained the advantage. The Skaven devoured flora and fauna and their own children until they grew so strong and numerous that they could spread plague to the other races, weakening them and feasted on their rotting and deformed corpses. The depletion of natural recourses created a talent for agriculture. The race overthrew its old rulers and gathered all the Skaven into new clans and a royal house. The Skaven gathered the great farmers and gatherer clans and gathered all the food they could get, and build their first cities like giant hives. Cities and building came natural to the Skaven who preferred secluded areas.

The Age of Light[edit]

When the other civilised races advanced, Skaven build great cities on the surface and conquered and rebuild lands the other races had scorched or depleted. They build sacrificial temples and gnawed their buildings out of stone with bleeding teethes. They supplied the cities directly from the earth below, from insects, worms and their butchering of their slaves. When their cities died, they build new cities on the old ones and new cities on those, until layers and dungeons of subterranean cities had been created without the Skavens intent. But the other races had also grown strong, particularly the Lizard. Skaven where defeated and at the brink of extermination. The lizard men viewed the rodents as perfect food supply and where immune to the Skavens trick, the undead races rivalled the Skaven for corpses and defended the dead, against Skavens who needed to corpse meat. The Skaven soon dig into the hiding places until they discovered the ancient underground cities buried on the surface cites. The race fled from the genocide into the subterranean cities and when they reached the oldest cities, build by molten skeletons filled with memorials of their ancestors then they took shelter in a temple and only those survived.

The creation of Gutsnatcher[edit]

When the other races forgot the Skaven ever existed, the Skaven created a large Barony deep below the surface. It was unknown that the that the surface ever had been habitable from a skaven perspective and they organised in fever warriors, plague sorcerers and rouges. When Aeoryran was destroyed a pathway to the surface was created and the Skaven attacked remaining but slowly sinking isles. Skaven explorers and spies rediscovered a dangerous and cursed surface so Gutschantcher decided that the surface world was damned and their religious demanded that they stayed below where they where supposed to be. . Still the Skaven found Teoryran through an underground path and spread there to prepare the coming coup against the human civilisation.

The Creation of the Rat Folk[edit]

The Skaven was dependent on mankind, even thought they where capable of their own civilisation they needed parasite ,stealing and exploiting. So they decided to domesticate a race and no other race had proven so beneficial than humanity so the Skaven Kidnapped humans and dragged them to their filthiest kennels where they genetically engineered a cross hybrid of humans and rats. And long ago they had domesticated Neanderthals, that devolved into ratline apes so they throw them in for good measure., but now they forced terrified humans to suffer their experiments. The new race proved useful cattle, pets, riding beasts and wagon draggers. They where ready to replace mankind as something to eat, abuse and exploit. They had all the human trait’s the Skaven wanted; the tasty meat, industrious drive, the pollution and waste production.

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