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Normal Fantasy is usually positive about humanity and religion. portraying religion as polytheistic and bright. As enjoying life, being “emotional and religious“. Teoyran, is a dark fantasy is negative about humanity and religion, religion is monotheistic and dark. As suffering from life, being “primitive and religious“. Teoryran is placed in realistic mediaeval society, and mankind are a monstrous species. Human religion is dominated by Zarus, the darkly brigh personification of humanity, perfection and conquest., who is preordaining a high destiny for humanity at terrible costs. Welcome to a slightly morally relativistic world, where“ Good” is evil and evil is just evil. Why should you want to play in such a grim and perhaps tasteless setting? I can only confess that I am fascinated by the idea of Inquisitors dissecting children to find their witch marks, ideas of Grim Knights leading hordes of deformed and cannibalistic farmers and forests made of burning heretics. it really keep me up at night, sweating with nightmares as if a Inquisitor had kicked in the door in the middle of the night. Enjoy.

The Age of Light[edit]

Long ago in human civilisation strived in Aeoryran among the other civilised races. In the oldest human civilisation, in the time of bronze blood the first heroes where born, strong warriors empowered by the gods and chosen by mankind, they where called the Tyrants. mankind overthrew their farmer kings and threw them down from golden war machines. Thousands of villages, and wild killer-gathers joined together under the Tyrants mad with pride over their new freedom, they send all they could spare to build the first cities states, and each city was as perfect as heaven and free as the air itself. Mankind spread city states as fast as they destroyed each other growing fat and strong from the war eternal until they reached from plateau to plateau to coast to coast. Mad with pride they where then thinking that Aeoryran was the hole of the world, so they basked in their glory killing all predators and burning down the forest and poisoning the lakes to exterminate all possible threats. There where other races of course, unconquerable ones for mankind to test itself against but eventually the pride of man, allowed the races to ignore each other rather than risk the dishonour of defeat. This was the age of gold, honey and rape. Where other races murdered their weak , mankind invented slavery and where other races breed by sexual selection, mankind breed faster from rape and prostitution. Where other races where corrupted by females as equals or ruled by females, mankind was ruled by the males crushing the sculls of their women who disobeyed. Mankind’s male ruler ship proved stronger than the other races co-ruling or female ruler ships, Human males slaughtering their wives and children to remarry until any wife gave birth to a male that could inherit their fathers titles, wealthy and powerful humans castrated their rivals. Where other races sacrificed fruit or gold, mankind sacrificed their finest and most admirable children to the gods and human religion advanced beyond that of the other races with the Gods favour over all the races. When other races tried to coexist with nature, mankind scourged their lands, killing all other creatures transformed it recourses and moved on to the next area after building their cities on it. It was an age of great light in many ways but this could not last.

The Age of the Ancient Empire[edit]

A emperor rose, crushing league after league of city states and the other races watched curiously and indifferent. So it came to pass that the city states united under great ancient empire, the tyrants where slain, their statues crushed and their families turned to dust with them. This Empire, worshipped only one God, Zarus the incarnation of mankind, perfection and conquest. It was to large, and turned into a theocracy blind by light of civilisation and it collapsed in purges, and witch hunts within days. The Emperor, mad by his religion killed all the scholars, artists and priests because everything was another rival religion to him and all knowledge, art and civilisation had to be created by him!, the Emperor could be the only cause and the only beginning! The mad ruler burned his cities to cinder to blame the polytheists and depopulated all but a select few of all human women because they where believed to be the cause of the original sin. Writing, counting, iron works, fire use and building was forgotten in a generation lost to purges and civil wars. The Church was created to create this new utopia and repopulate the world with virgin births. The Church founders where the Inquisition, who build the organisation beginning with “inquires” and purges then extended to Bishop, Monasteries and the welfare system. Feudalism began then.

The Age of the Second Empire[edit]

Zarus, the God of man had been asleep for a long time. Now he reincarnated as a human and disguised himself as a mortal, calling himself Kored which means wise. He united the degenerated empire, and gave man hope once more. Writing, counting, iron works, fire use and building was retrieved even faster than it was lost. Kored, became ruler but as he never aged, people grew suspicious and brew theories. Monotheism was no splitt, some believed Kored was a saint, others a prophet but a human, others believed Kored was a spirit, others that he was both man and god which they called Messiah. Zarus had inspired his own rival religions, his own heresies and blasphemies. Other minor gods returned as imposers and patrons of these faiths, Cyric among them the god of deception and lies who stole Zarus worship. Mankind had forgotten Zarus name, being used to only calling him the God, and since everyone believe in only one god, Zarus could not stop any rouge God from parasiting on his temple. Soon new religions spread as cancerous tumours and even polytheism was rediscovered. Zarus-Kared fought wars and lead purges against the divants but decided to disseapear. Kared pretended to die, and renamed himself as his son and then turned himself into the son after that and so passed so many generations that mankind stabilized and a royal family extended into many branches. Trust and worship of both Kared and Zarus grew and made mankind automatically assumed that the born King from the Kared family must automatically be a good and perfect ruler. Then the Orks and the Lizardmen came wearing a great war as their shadow, and this shadow fell over all of man. The Lizard men had been empowered by a demigod champion and the Orks had rebelled against themselves and had become stronger from it. Kared was wounded and kidnapped, the captors where granted a ransom by the gods and Zarus-Korad was released and disappeared. Mankind believed their king had died, and the real son of Korad inherited the land. The race of man believed the Kind would automatically be a perfect ruler just as before but he was worthless and cruel. The human civilisation marginally grew and restabilised against the odds thanks to building colossal temples that made the race happy and inspired the hole civilisation. Unfortunately the Priests had misinterpreted their religions and the gods where annoyed by the gigantic temples and endless chanting and therefore the Gods destroyed Aeoryran with everyone on it. Apparently Zarus was distracted.

The Exodus[edit]

The other groups of gods except Zarus where tired, the assaulted the Aeoryran continent with a horizontal flood ,a vertical rain, giant earthquake, an incurable teleporting plague and volcanoes with a sky of poison. It was all minor attacks that where barely noticed because the hole continent was sunk into the ocean, the flooding and raining where separate. For half a year sun turned black to prevent anything to grow and give sustenance the sun where moved to close to burn everything and additional false suns appeared to make it even hotter. Vermin’s and insects where possessed and sustained by the Gods so they could help in the extermination. Prophets lead mankind in a boat on a journey to a new world, they found Teoryran and escaped. Some legends speaks, of parting the seas and walking over the bottoms, other speak of a magical portal and others of gigantic boats carrying the future of mankind. When the destruction of Aeoryran over, a dying fraction of the races had survived and the continent was no more, in its place where a series of isles. Korad was now splitt in two civilisations, the ancient light focused civilisation with its white gigantic buildings and the new gothic civilisation.

The Age of Darkness[edit]

The gothic culture on Teoryran is consisting of Knights living on their mansions, far out in farms and forests. There are no advanced cities in Teoryran, the only advanced society is preserved and slowly dying in Aeoryran. It is barbaric and primitive civilisation and have been since the Korad kinds turned into barbarians ruling for their own gain. The Church is a cutthroat empire, so full of in fighting that it is impossible to form an cannon of who is the real heretic. Inquisitors hunts heretics only to themselves be considered threats if they are successful and hence they die but with a good job done. The King and Barons rules armies of deformed farmers who fight for tenths and are inspired by fanatic priests fuelling their madness and crusades. Opposing the Kings and Barons are the new city states, filled with disease pits, fanatic priest schools for theologians and populated by murdering rouges and scoundrels

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