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Late Aeoryan Century, after the Destruction[edit]

When the first weave of natural and devine destuction came to the Aeoryanites Empire the people have long degenerated away from skill and knowledge to handle the situation. Sea faring was impulsive and most died who tried died at sea, most try to ignore the danger and stayed to be killed others tried to pray to the gods or stop drinkin. The Goverment only cared about war and continued to wage war against the Lizards. The destruction of Aeoryran took around 50 year, in one day most of the continent sank or exploded. The rest slowlt sank, where just flooded or poisioned which allowed the human society to react even more slowly. Insane army of co-regent Kings, vice-kings, vassal state kings turn against and killed many their own people. The cities in Aeoryran had long been decimated by the Goverment and most of the citizen returned to the rural and de-urbanized lifestyle before the disaster and the exodus. The nobility became hunters or landlords who didn't work on their lands. The hole army conisted of hunters and hunting was a aristocratic sport, most of the army was recruited from hunters tribes. Most farmers degenerated to primitive gathering becouse of inefficent goverment and benefits to a former minority of primitive but right thinking converts who become the majority.

AGE I[edit]

First collonisation century. Many settlers are simpleminded and do not undestand much of what have happened with Aeoryan and transplanted in the collonies. Others are chocked and the religous organisation is unorganised. Settlements grow slowly and immigration is slow. The House of Seasons. Villages, hunters and lords hold a chouncil four times a year, based on ancient Aeoryran Tradition, the powerfull decided and told the lesser how far they would go with their threat and how powerfull they where. The weak and poor where given a voice accordingly to how many commoners agreed with their decision. The great families scared the church becouse of they gained considerable influence over the communities as uniting links and they encouraged many settlements to persue escalating ancestrial feuds.

Extended aristorcatic families of the High Men settle down in deep and wild forest as part-time merchenary companies and professional hunters and keepers of the wilderness. They find employment in occasional noble governours. Some of the governours are provincial land owners and others artistocratic high men from Aeoryran. The landowners soon replace tax collectors and military simple encampments popps upp all over Kored and slowly grows into fortressess amd supply lines. Fanatic monks and priests settle down in huge settlements to live as farmers and stend all their time to preach doom and gloom and otherwise meditate. The religious populance of collonists changed their minds from trying to save the Holy Empire or mourning the unjust destruction of their rightious civilisation to the mindset that the empire must have been corrupt and that was why God destroy it so they rejoiced and turn preaching against immigration from the empire and against the generally sinfull ways of everyone. Unskilled and uneducated farmer gatheres and labourers, settle down in the plains and near open lands as simple food gatherers and fishermen where they form closeknit villages and soon start to fight over land. Lawlessness, discontent and minor conflicts slowly escalate on all levels, the majority are contemplate and ignores all the signs untill its to late. Small scale farmers and thugs spread out or form settlements of large sale environmental destruction and simple farms. Small settlements specialised in tool making are recorded to have been founded and exterminated by lawless farmers. Society seems to have regressed almost to the stone using age. Fishermen communites spread and expand to farming and learn simple trade. Settlers splitt from the fisher communites to form farms deeper in the lands. Civil war breaks between fishermen, farmers, shepherds, hunters and other specilased group out over how to use the land and all requires the same land and nobody wants to share or they all break agreement. Barbarian and non-sentient monsters and flesh eating trees attack humanity, humanity unites less and less against the animal threat the more the non-humans attack becouse of the common spread predjudice that the monster invasion is secretly controlled by the other side. Small regions unites against the monsters then start to believe that all other humans are monsters and attack them. The artistocratic hunters killers and the simpler folks joins the civil war attempting to establish law and the feudal system. The rural commoners oppose the development of their farms,state education for litteracy, fire using, ploughts and gemeral supporting the miliatry with extra work and the upper state with supplies and rescourses they need. First city buuilding appear. Simple towns and cities are build, and razed becouse of religious controversy.

AGE II[edit]

The first united farming communites appear a few year after overpopulation in dense regions where the peasants refuse to leave the land and their leaders refuse to let them. Clans and powerfull farmers unite the people to wage war against the others villagers and sack cites and rebell against aristocrats. Artifically state-created Markertplaces grows with the unintentional aid of small Churches trying to limit and controll trade. Powerfull farmers and commoners unites hundreds of villages unites to support the small trade communites. Powerfull village democracy unites and all agree to offer non-farmer professions protection from harm, theft and intimidation and coercement. Smiths and craftmen and even despiced merchants are all protected by the agreement of everyone for the first time. Hostilites between powerfull families and villages, the military and the commoners, etc seem to decrease. Most people try to overcome and make amends for the genecides and perseciton they brought on eacthoers . Then most of humanity are all surviviors of horrors, poeple are afraid and tired enought to want peace even with their worst hated enemies. But the common religion have changed a little bit, the Churches and the Kings where abhored and exterminated everything and leveled their own capital and branded innocents are heretics to justify the thausands dead to kill an minority of heretics. The Priests lead hordes of fanatics to sabotage, murder and slowly infuence and brain wash the purest religious populance who where quick to fall for the seduction to kill eachother. In the history books as the period of Evil where heresies,pegans and black magicians ruled and the Good and noble Knights killed them and restored justice to the land. Dead communities revives barbarian tribes and stabile famer communites are quickly shattered, isolated and decentralized. The Church revives brutal slavery and death camps for a short period untill the feudal system slowly establish minor control so aristocrats force regions to support their military organisations. Other wise they are free. Regions controlled by regiments defend against and fight against regions controlled by rival regiments becouse the currence and payment collapse. Not so Advanced but rich cities are formed around expanded leagues of communites Great Family ruled society have formed, with the neglect of the King. Royality arrive at Rebirth and raise the cities becouse they are blasphemes of Aeoryran hybris and are seen as the cause of reformers. A great purge of clergy,nobles and servitors begin, nobody is spared. After the King have quited all rebellions most of the land is plunged back to the stone age. Commoners believe the good King saved them from witches and evil spirits who made the land turn dark and cruel. A few cities remains severely damaged and their allies shattered.

AGE III[edit]

  • First Century of Dukes

The feudal Kings made great hunters serve as soldiers in return for inheritiable titles and benefits, unable to control them and having no economic system a system of honarble promises and mindless cooperation was born. So they become simle community governours, army officers and observers of widerness before anyone called then Sir or Lord of Sevesera. Inside the wild areas full with natural resources some of the militant forresters proved to be have more lands than others and more commoners villing so serve them than other governours. Contrary to the Kings plan, the feudal system meant that many governours ruled over other governours and where more powerull than him. The ancestors of the Baronies, rose from the many shattered settlements in the deep inland where hunters and soldiers had established power over farmers. Great clans or poor and hight celebrates a serie of dramatic marriages usually with unwilling princes and princesses.. Soon the governours invent and insist on suffixes. A few Great Lords harborred all the most desirabile doughters from imprisoned and taxed families and bought huge lands with these harmels. Many fine women grew old all one, spending all their lives imprisoned by Dark Dukes living in celabacy in the name of greed and faith. Nobles warred to steal women from these slavemasters but the church forsaw in horrow that if the low houses could marry their sons to the lands that also included with these ladies., the power of the Church over the planned marriages would weaken and for every rich doughter there was in prison there was one woman in nunnery and her fanily lands would go to the church. This lead to the great War of The Black Ladies.

  • War of The Black Ladies

The Church started a war to use witch hunts persecute and exterminate women everywhere of all social levels to maintain control over the powerfull noble families and to prevent the release of the great houses harems and to prevent that the powerfull families would continue to use these women to increase their power. The nobles and commoners where blind to the meaning of the witch hunts and waged a terrible war against eachother for land and marriages. The four yearly chouncils meet to discuss peace but splitt into four councils after selecting different leaders and making conclicting agreements. The great houses attending and staying at each meeting formed the alliances of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. The war ended with the King making nominal peace and turning two of the great alliences into vasal states. After this four great families bloodlines emerged from the leaders, The Black,White,Red and Green Shields.

AGE IV[edit]

Farm communities spread and reorganize.

AGE V[edit]


New cities are build and gone rouge, refuse to obey the King. The first appearance( recorded by Kored Monastries anyway) of the Merchant Clan Bael from the desert lands but who long lived in any city using desert lands as their home region.. Their involvement with the united city states are unknown.

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