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Hexsinger [Hex, Music]

Your hexblade powers work well with your bard training.
Prerequisite: Hexblade's Curse, Bardic Music
Benefit: You can add your hexbladeCW levels to your bard levels to determine your bardic spellcasting ability, including spells per day, spells known and caster level, and you can draw your spells known from both the bard and the hexblade spell list. As a trade-off, you lose the spellcasting ability of your hexblade levels. You also gain an additional use of your bardic music ability for each hexblade level, and you can use your bardic music to create an effect similar to the Hexblade Curse: you spend two uses of bardic music, the save DC is equal to your Perform check result, and the duration of the curse is your standard bardic music duration. You can spend more uses of bardic music to affect an additional enemy per use.

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