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Symbol: A club or silver lion mane
Home Plane: Land of Everpeace (personal plane)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Good, Honor, Rebellion, Quests, Strength, Heroism
Favored Weapon: a +2 club

After Hercules' unfortunate death, the Olympian gods restored him as a god. He, now a god, represents what he did in life. He hates law, like he hated Hera (the queen goddess that killed him) because of its incredible authority over mortals and its ability to so easily be used for personal gain. He does, however, respect honor, as in his mind that cannot be corrupted, unlike the other philosophies of law. Hercules also represents the doing of deeds and epic feats (quests, strength and heroism).


His worshipers are required only to serve deeds to the helpless, following what they know is right, rather than what authority tells them, doing a great deed (like going into that dungeon)about once a month and a minor deed (saving a helpless person against a pack of wolves) every two weeks.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

In Hercules' temple, rewards for being faithful are great. The clerics that go above and beyond the call of Hercules are permitted to his plane. There a female cleric, upon meeting Hercules himself, usually falls in love and stays with (and almost always mates with) him for 100 years, then returns to the Material plane to instantly age and die. The offspring that comes from the female worshiper are taken care of by Hercules until adulthood, where they come to the Material plane to become a guardian of the temple or fight evil on their own. Males are given a reflection of themselves in woman form, a celestial being. Once again, they stay in that plane for 100 years and then die. Their offspring is taken care of by the celestial, and released upon adulthood. The 12 temples of Hercules are located in hidden places, but never underground, to hide from the wrath of Hera.

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