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Level 40 Solo Soldier
Gargantuan Immortal Magical Beast
XP 555,000
Initiative +22 Senses Perception +24; all-around vision, blindsight 20
HP 1,800; Bloodied 900
AC 58; Fortitude 54, Reflex 54, Will 52
Immune Charm, Fear; Resist cold 30, lightning 30
Saving Throws +5
Speed 10, Teleport 8
Action Points 2
Penetrate Resistance
Effect: An hecatoncheires' attacks ignore the first 10 points of resistance.
Melee.png Endless Blades ♦ at-will
Effect: Reach 3; the hecatoncheires makes five greatsword attacks against the same target: +47 vs. AC; 1d10 + 25 damage. This also holds true for opportunity attacks.
Ranged.png Endless Catapult ♦ at-will
Effect: The hecatoncheires makes five thrown rock attacks against the same target: ranged 70; +45 vs. Reflex; 2d6 + 25 damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).
Melee.png Fury of the Immortal ♦ recharge D6 (5).png D6 (6).png
Effect: Close burst 5; the hecatoncheires makes five greatsword attacks against every enemy in range; +45 vs. AC; 1d10 + 25 damage.
Summon Hecatoncheires ♦ encounter
Effect: Place another hecatoncheires 20 squares or less away from this hecatonchieres. It acts immediately. This new hecatonchieres must make a save at the end of each of its turns DC18, and vanishes if it fails that saving throw. The new hecatoncheires has no action points nor can it use its summon hecatoncheires ability.
Effect: Each time the hecatoncheires becomes dazed or stunned, it loses one attack on its next turn instead. Multiple such effects stack.
Threatening Reach
Effect: The hecatoncheires can make opportunity attacks against all enemies within its reach (3 squares).
Str 50 (+40) Dex 15 (+22) Wis 8 (+19)
Con 32 (+31) Int 8 (+19) Cha 24 (+27)
Alignment Unaligned Languages Primordial
Equipment 100 greatswords, scale armor, mysterious vial

Hecatoncheires Tactics[edit]

The hecatonchieres is not a subtle enemy, lauching waves of bladed attacks against a single foe. When it uses it Summon Hecatoncheires ability, the hecatoncheires and its summoned hecatoncheires will try to flank a dangerous but fragile opponent and try to kill it as quickly as possible using action points.

An hecatonchieres is also very dangerous against melee opponents because of its threatening reach, as most of its enemies will not have a reach of 3 or more.

Hecatoncheires Lore[edit]

A character knows the following information about Hecatoncheires with a successful Religion check.

DC 25 : The Hecatonchieres is one of the most powerful beings in existence, surpassing most gods and primordials in power. This monster makes Demogorgan and Dagon look like kitty cats.

DC 30 : The Hecatonchieres have a hundred hands apiece, each hand wielding either an ancient, enormous broadsword or a boulder of incredible size. There are only three in known existence, each either chained with warding and magic, or in deep slumber. Few exist today, and they are extremely rare

DC 35 : Hecatonchiereses used to be massive in number, but once the universe cooled and the gods emerged, most vanished. There are only three in known existence, each either chained with warding and magic, or in deep slumber. In combat they can summon powerful illusions to assist them in battle. They are not real Hecatonchieres, but they still fight like them. A smart adventurer would run.

DC 40 :

Encounter Groups[edit]

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