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‘’The Gods don’t exactly live in heaven.’’

The world is a planet and the gods live on astroids in orbit around it, they have atmospheres on their own and it is possible to fly from one astroid to another or to travel down to earth. Friction immolates most things that fall down but the atmospheres intersects and allows some flying animals such as insects etc to fly down to the planet. Anything else that is no adapted to endure space, needs some sort of space ship. There are several mountains on Teoryran that are so extremely high not that they almost serve as space elevators for the Gods but that they reduce the distance. You can go back to Teoryran if you like?

Spread over the world there are five elemental mauntains. Each leads to a stair way leading past the clouds and skies themselves. Deep in the skies, the astroids circles. The homes of the Gods, circler in their giant clouds with cities of guardens and glittering citadels of storage space. They are isles and hole continents floating and orbiting around the planet.

The Mountain of Fire[edit]

Is located somewhere in the deserts in eastern Teoryran. No living have found it. Its guardians are elementals of fire, living fireballs. The Dragon of Fire once wanted to claim it as his hive.

The Mountain of Water[edit]

Is located in Aeoryran. It was here the gods gave the Orks their Shogunate. Pirates and

Mountain of Metal[edit]

Watches by doomsdays machines and trapps. It was here the Fatefull forge was deformed by being slammed into the mauntain. It is supposed to be located in northen Teoryran.

The Mountain of Wood[edit]

Rumor says it belongs to the lizardmans obease god. Here he lays his androgyne eggs.

The Mountain of the Earth[edit]

Supposedly hiden below the underworld to prevent humans from using it. The Mountain of the Earth was according legend the gift to mankind so they should be able to see their gods.

Teoryran World (3.5e Campaign Setting)[edit]

This is part of the Teoryran World setting.
The for humans, familiar and safe lands are annihilated from existence.
This is a dark world in a dark ages, where mankind is a barbarian race
in a new and horrifying world full with monsters.

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