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天剣 Heavenly Sword[edit]

The path of the heavenly sword teaches the monk to be deadly with steel as with their fists. They can unleash a battering thunder of strikes that is unmatched by other swordsmen.

Bonus Weapon Proficiency: longsword (instead of skill bonus)

1st-Level Feat: Armed Flurry Of Blows

2nd-Level Feat: Combat Reflexes

3nd-Level Feat: Cleave

4th-Level Feat: Quick Draw

5th-Level Feat: Deflect Arrows

6th-Level Feat: Great Cleave

6th-Level Bonus Ability: You can channel your Ki through your sword; all successful attacks in a round, after the first, ignore damage reduction.

Prerequisites: Tumble 9 ranks, Weapon Focus (longsword).

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