Heaven's Gate, Opening of the 8th Gate (3.5e Monk Fighting Style)

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Heaven's Gate, Opening of the 8th Gate[edit]

The Holy-est of Holy fighting styles, using the wisdom and knowledge passed down through years of training and tradition.

Prerequisites: Wisdom 14, Knowledge Religion rank 8

1st-Level Skill Bonus: Knowledge (Anatomy, Arcana, Religion, and The Planes) all gain a plus 1/LVL of monk for your years of training.

1st-Level Feat: Weapon Finesse

2nd-Level Feat: Combat Reflexes

6th-Level Feat: Heaven's Gate, The First Gate

6th-Level Bonus Ability: Heaven's Gate, The First Gate, allows the player to strike a single target with all your Attacks of Opportunity, targeting critical points of your enemy. Critical hit 18-20 (can be improved with critical threat range feats). Exhausts monk for 1d4 turns, can be halved with a successful Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 lvl + Wisdom mod). Heaven's Gate instantly kills any undead creature (DM's discretion) within one mile per Monk level. All experience that would have been gained is cut in half.

      • Strictly one use per day!

12th-Level Feat: Heaven's Gate, The Final Gate

12th-Level Bonus Ability: Heaven's Gate, The Final Gate, has been honed through training and experience. You now utilize the Abundant Step technique to better the Heaven's Gate ability and you no longer suffer from exhaustion. Heaven's Gate allows the use of all available Abundant Step uses per day at once, opening corresponding gates. Opening a gate takes the enemy by surprise, allowing max Attacks of Opportunity per gate, also denying defensive abilities, counters, and making the opponent(s) flatfooted. Once all gates are open, you slip through all gates simultaneously striking the opponent(s). Each strike does not require a separate attack roll (discuss this with DM). On a natural critical, you open and extra gate (max 8). Each gate can open on a different enemy at players discretion.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (Anatomy, Arcana, Religion, and The Planes) all rank 20, Abundant Step, Monkey Beats the Gong, Greater Monkey Beats the Gong

Heaven's Gates: Taking the extra feats to improve Abundant Step allows you to gain the max potential out of Heaven's Gate.

Improved Abundant Step: Allows 3 gates, 4 on crit

Greater Abundant Step: Allows 5 gates, 6 on crit

Perfect Abundant Step: Allows 7 gates, 8 on crit

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