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Rogue subclass[edit]

As a rogue, you've killed, stolen, or just wronged. One of those people came back to haunt you, literally. Who is haunting you? Why? Do you plan to get rid of them? Befriend them? Whatever it may be, your past problems have made themselves known, and its up to you to fix them.

Ghastly manifestation

Once you gain this subclass at level 3, The ghost of the person you've wronged in an unforgettable way. You decide who takes that position. Take some time to form a backstory for them, or at least a description. They follow you passively, staying at least 10 feet away at all times, but always looking at you. You are in a constant frightened state from this ghost for 3 days. The Ghost's HP is Four Times your Rogue Level. If it dies, it will appear at your feet after a long rest. It acts on its own initiative, but almost never attacks. On your turn you may attempt to persuade the ghost to attack, the DC for this check is 25. On a pass it will attack the most dangerous creature closest to you. On a fail it stands idol and stars at you. The ghost can only use withering touch. +3 + your pro to hit, 1d8 + your pro cold damage.


Beginning at level 3, once your three days of fear are up, you are immune to being frightened by ghosts and have advantage to wisdom saves against being frightened. You have disadvantage on all checks intended to tell others you are haunted, as only you can see, and hear your ghost. Your Ghost has the opposite alignment of you. (LG = CE) (CG = LE) (N = CN) (LN = CN)


Beginning at level 9, you have finally reconciled with your Haunter, perhaps you made an offering to appease them, or did some favor for them. From now on they'll help you in small ways. After getting attacked, roll a d8, and call the roll. If you called correctly, the ghost appears to the creature that attacked you. It must make a wisdom save of 11 + Your Proficiency or become frightened of the ghost and you for 1 Min. The dice size lowers at higher levels, Shown in the chart below. Your Ghost can preform small actions for you depending on your bond with it. It can preform the help action, or choose to become visible to others and attempt to frighten them, or smaller things such as open a locked door from the other side, grab your weapon you dropped, etc. The Ghost can now get as close as it wishes to you.

Level 9= 1d8 .12% Chance

Level 12= 1d6 .16% Chance

Level 15=1d4 25% Chance

Level 18=Coin Flip 50% Chance

Possession Partners

Beginning at level 13, When you would be knocked unconscious by any means, your ghost possess you, forcing you to keep consciousness. While possessed, you gain immunity to being frightened, exhausted, knocked unconscious or charmed, Your pupils fade to white and your voice is doubled. The creature that attempted to knock you unconscious must make a wisdom save of 11 + your Intimidation Mod, or become frightened by you for 1 min. Your HP is then set to Half your HP (Rounded down). You can act as normal with these added benefits. When the redemption buff would take effect, instead of your ghost appearing to them, you flash into a state of your ghost counterpart. You may call up to two sides of the dice, or coin while in this state. If reduced to 0 HP while in this state, your ghost is knocked out of you and attempts to protect you to the best of its ability. This effect can only be obtained once per long rest, and lasts 1 + your constitution Mod Minutes.

Ectoplasmic Body

Upon reaching level 17, your extreme amount of time with your other worldly companion has molded you into something entirely new. You gain resistance to cold, poison and necrotic damage. You are immune to being exhausted, poisoned and require not food, drink, sleep or air to live. You no longer bleed blood, but rather a type of ectoplasm. You can use your action to attempt to frighten a creature that can see you. That creature must make a wisdom save of 11 + Your Intimidation Mod. Additionally, you can now touch you ghost, and can enter the possession partner state twice per long rest any time you wish, as long as both of you are willing. Furthermore, you are not longer reduced to half HP when entering this state.

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