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Harmonious Lycanthropy[edit]

A lycanthropic state of grace, where the afflicted and their inner, now pacified beast find a way to coexist.

Prerequisites. You must be a lycanthrope to receive this blessing. If you are cured of lycanthropy, this blessing becomes inert and you regain your attunement slot. You can no longer be cured against your will.

Coexistence. Your alignment is no longer affect by the type of lycanthropic curse you carry. You retain control in hybrid or beast form, but lose the immunity to non-silvered weapons. You can decide to, for one minute, gain resistance against bludgeoning, slashing and piercing damage from non magical sources. You need to finish a long rest before using this ability again. You need to spend at least 4 consecutive 24 hours per month in hybrid or beast form to be able to shapeshift. During this time, your inner beast controls your body, behaving as an animal of its species would. However, it avoids sentient creatures and does not kill or eat them. Failing to so prevents you from using your shapechanging abilities. You still transform under the full moon and lose control, behaving as described above. Your bite no longer transmits the curse, unless the target is willing, has no other blessing and is deemed worthy by whoever gave you this blessing.(In most cases, Player characters and important NPCs are easily deemed worthy, while commoners, for example, are not.) Than they will both acquire this blessing and the curse.

Another Way. Removing the curse of lycanthropy is one of the ways to end the affliction. But for some unfortunate souls, like natural born lycanthropes or those who suffer an especially strong form of the curse, this is not an option. And others see the curse as a chance to fight fire with fire. While some try to subvert the curse by enforcing their will upon the beast inside, through the study esoteric schools of combat, and other surrender to monstrous bloodlust, there is a third way between domination and defeat: A powerful being, like a fey, unicorn or spirit of nature can cleanse the evil and madness from the lycanthrope's bestial side. While doing so weakens some of the abilities, the beast inside no longer desires to spread wanton bloodshed and chaos. With meditations and further help from the giver of the blessing, a compromise can be reached. The beast lends its strength in combat while the person lets the beast roam free from time to time.

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