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Har'Clarth are far realm entities that have three tentacles and three eyes between them, or vice versa. They have circular mouths on top of their heads with three teeth and a long, strong tongue which they use to grab unsuspecting foes.

Level 7 Controller
Medium Aberrant Beast
XP 300
Initiative +6 Senses Perception +12; darkvision
Warping Aura aura 2; Enemies that end or begin their turn in the aura are targeted by the following attack; +10 vs. Fortitude; the target is dazed until it moves out of the aura's range.
HP 76; Bloodied 38
AC 20; Fortitude 18, Reflex 18, Will 19
Immune Fear
Speed 6
Basicmelee.png Tongue ♦ at-will
Effect: +11 vs. AC; 1d8+3 damage and the target is grabbed (until escape).
Melee.png Bite ♦ at-will
Effect: Grabbed target only; +11 vs. AC; 1d10+3 damage and Warping Burst recharges.
Close.png Warping Burst ♦ recharge D6 (6).png
Effect: Close Burst 2 ; +10 vs. Fortitude; 1d8+4 damage and the target is pushed 1 square and dazed (save ends).
Str 16 (+6) Dex 16 (+6) Wis 10 (+3)
Con 13 (+4) Int 13 (+4) Cha 19 (+7)
Alignment Chaotic evil Languages -

Har'Clarth Tactics[edit]

A har'clarth darts into melee then uses Warping Burst. It then grabs a opponent and runs off with it, using Warping Burst to fend off enemies.

Har'Clarth Lore[edit]

A character knows the following information with a successful Arcana check.

DC 15: Har'Clarth are monstrous creatures from the far realm with three eyes and three tentacles.
DC 20: They can send out a blast of pure far realm energy to scatter and daze its foes.
DC 25: They seem to gain power from biting their prey.

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