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These magical gloves are made of pure elemental fire and act as a direct connection to Kossuth [or any appropriate fire deity]. Wearing the gloves give the following benefits to the wearer

  • Immunity to fire
  • Ability to cast Burning Hands at will, as a 30th-level caster (Reflex DC 20 for half damage)
  • Ability to summon up to 24 HD of fire elementals per day, as a 30th-level caster. The HD can be spread over multiple castings.
  • All fire spells are cast as if empowered by the metamagic feat Empower Spell, at +2 caster levels, if the gloves are used to deliver the somatic component of the spells. If the spell does not naturally have a somatic component, the caster may choose to add somatic component to gain those benefits. Using the metamagic feat Still Spell (or similar effects) negates these benefits.

In addition, the gloves burn anything they touch with 5d4 fire damage (no save). This can be suppressed as a free action by the wearer, but requires concentration.

Special: The gloves can only be worn with Kossuth's favor, which is gained by making a solemn oath to never cast or memorize any ice or water-related spell while in possession of the gloves. Attempting to wear the gloves without taking the oath is instantly met with 15d6 fire damage (no save), but no additional penalty or consequence. Breaking the oath while wearing the gloves is met with 30d6 fire damage (no save) for 10 rounds, and then with 15d6 fire damage (no save) for an additional 10 minutes. Breaking the oath while not wearing the gloves does not incur such penalty. In all cases of oath-breaking, the gloves immediately return to Kossuth, and the wearer may not wear them again without receiving atonement from a 20th-level cleric of Kossuth, or Kossuth himself.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Wish, Summon Elder Fire Elemental, Caster Level 30. Market Price: 5,000,000 gp; Weight: none. Despite having a "market price", the item cannot actually be sold, as Kossuth will simply sever the connection to the gloves. Only one such item may exist in the world.

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