Gureneda Senshi (3.5e Monk Fighting Style)

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The Gureneda Senshi style is a more diplomatic style rather than an actual fighting style, since the entire style focuses on removing an enemy's will to fight rather than open violence. The Gureneda Senshi monks are all female, since men lack the necessary prerequisites to qualify for most of their feats.

1st-Level Skill Bonus: Diplomacy

1st-Level Feat: Negotiator

2nd-Level Feat: Chain Bikini Chick

6th-Level Feat: Distracting Cleavage

6th-Level Bonus Ability: Ultimate Battle Strategy: A Gureneda Senshi monk who successfully grapples her opponent may make a special attack known as "Well-Developed Diplomacy" that can dramatically change her opponent's attitude. An opponent, male or female, that is affected by "Well-Developed Diplomacy" must make a Will Save opposed to the Gureneda Senshi Monk's diplomacy check (with an added bonus equal to her strength modifier), or have any attitude increase directly to friendly, effectively taking away his or her will to fight. This is useless against creatures with immunity to mind-affecting effects, as well as any creature with intelligence less than 3.

Prerequisites: Female, Cha 15, Chain Bikini Chick, Distracting Cleavage.

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