Gula, Prince of Gluttony (3.5e Deity)

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"The Insatiable One, The Gluttonous Prince, Death Worm, Queen of the Death Worms"

Demon Prince
Symbol: A Gluttony Rune
Home Plane: The Ashlands, 254th Layer of the Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Gluttony
Worshipers: The Gluttonous
Clergy Alignments: CE
Domains: Abyss, Gluttony, Hunger
Favored Weapon: Cleaver
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More information...

Gula is an enormous 15 feet wide and tall and 240 feet long worm-like creature that devours all it sees. It is a deep dark brownish black color. It is well armored with thick segmented chitin plates. One end terminates in a large mouth which opens like a flower to reveal nothing but teeth; at the other end is a deadly stinger. While it can use its stinger effectively, it prefers to just swallow its prey whole.

Gula was born from a black hole, and like the dead star that she came from, consumes all in her wake. Unlike the other Princes of Sin, save for Acedia, Gula has bestial intelligence and does everything on instinct.


Gula has no grand scheme or goals past attempting to sate her unending hunger.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Those that worship Gula do so by gorging themselves at every meal. Some are thrown into the Feeding Pit, a temple with a portal to the Ashlands, to be devoured by Gula and her spawn; a high honor for them. Many believe that she is meant to devour the world and work to summon her and fulfill this prophecy, not knowing that she is nothing more than a raving beast.


Gula is one for the seven princes of sin and is one of the many deities of the world of Elinai, specifically the Nor'Noxian branch of the Drisosian pantheon. She is also the pet of Gorathax, the Sosfronii goddess of brutality, and obeys her without question, as all the Princes of Sin do.

Gula, Prince of Gluttony[edit]

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